Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shaq vs. Show


Since WWE RAW is 18 hours delayed here in the Philippines, I finally got a glimplse of the shaq vs. big show scene. Kinda entertaining and amusing since shaq was considered to be a fat boy in the nba, but this time around, Big show was the one calling him a slim toothpick. The only moves shaq did was a choke and a runng elbow to the big show. That was it. Gone are the days where the worm and the mailman fought full matches at the offseason.

Speaking of Wrestling and the PBA, look at the pic of batista and PBA player Ali peek.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Review: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Circuit Board Ox


A few weeks ago, I was one of the people asked to review one of the future lines of converse. And while the future releases are deemed confidential all I can say is that they look really good.


After a day of checking out the new releases, I finally got my own free pair of chucks. Though it wasn’t what I expected, I was very grateful of them. It would’ve been better had I acquired a high cut version instead of an ox cut. But nonetheless, for a giveaway it wasn’t bad at all.


The design looks cool, in a geeky cool kind of way. Microchip circuit patterns are abundant in the shoe. The print is metallic silver. Even if it is silver it does not look anything like those glitter arts and crafts paste on shirts which the glitters does get removed just after a few washes.


Another standing feature in the shoe is the label of the brand. Nope, it wasn’t one of those loud brand names printed on ones shoes/ shirts but rather an ingenious way of branding. The word “Conv” was printed on one side of the shoe, while the remaining letters “verse”


Overall a good design, paired with nice and ingeneous pattern while remaining not to be too gaudy.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

RP Team: Playing Posum?


What transpired over the week seemed to be a shock for the local avid filipino basketball fan. Powerade Team Pilipinas, though not expected to show all and keep intent on winning games in the William Jones cup. We expected to lose games, but not get smacked by Jordan in the opening round or have our 19 point lead vanish at the hands of Japan. Negativity and criticism are rising in local and international hoop forums. But there are signs and flashes of brilliance that make us wonder if the RP Team is really playing possum or not....

There are most times where the team use individual one on one plays and turnovers galore. Basking in dissapointment everytime the opposing team clobbers us by a 10 point lead or so a few minutes within the start of a game, yet we shout and cheer valiantly as the team climbs back to let the enemies' lead wither or even tie the score, using set plays and offensive schemes only to revert back to the NBA style and lose at the end by a few points. Questions like, "why didnt they call a timeout?" or "why didnt they revert to the set plays" boggle out mind. As if in the back of our heads, we are thinking that the team isnt really taking this seriously.

The team who does well in the jones cup does not really guarantee that they'll win big on the suceeding touranments that they will enter. Such an example is the 2007 version wherein Jordan won the jones cup but ended up as only the 5th place in Fiba Asia in tokushima. Kazakhstan, a team which placed way below and 2nd to the last, ended up a notch higher in fiba at 4th place and even made it to the wild card olympic qualifying round. Another example is the 1998 centennial team wherein they won the Jones cup but got smacked by the US College teams, Korea and China in tune to the 1998 Bangkok Asian Games.

Right now we are seeing a mystery, Are we seeing a team which continues to hold back? A team which is really on a loss and has no chance to win in the grand stage? A team which has lost lots of precious preparation time due to the professional league and the commissioner's vision? Or a team that is just playing possum?

In 2 weeks time we will know.

Review: Freeze Dried Ice Cream

Space Food


To celebrate the 40th year of the first man on the moon, I figured out we’d try to do something geeky for a change.


I got this “Freeze Dried Ice cream” from the Smithsonian air and space museum back in Washington dc. The tour guide specifically recommended this one to us because she said this can only be bought here and other space museums.


While I do recall seeing this back in my first trip to the Smithsonian way back in the spring of 2000, Our time was way to limited to get a look and buy at this kind of stuff.


The product says it was “originally developed for the early Apolo Missions, This space treat is frozen to -40 F, then Vacuum dried and placed in a special polyfoil pouch. Freeze dried fruits re used by astronauts eating under weightless conditions in space.”


The first time I thought of this, I was wondering if this is gonna be cold, is it made of edible dry ice or something. But then When I opened it, it looks like a dry, powdery candy. Like what dried Ice cream mixtures are, only this time solidified.


The Ice cream comes in 3 flavors, Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry. The taste is ok. It was not bad, but not great as well. It tastes like a cross between a polvoron (a Filipino food treat), merengue and ice cream. The best flavor out of the 3 is the strawberry.


Still, with the intruiging packaging it was a good tasting experience, How the astronauts back then eat their treats on low gravity conditions.


Overall: 7/10

Blog Entry MINDStyle's Servomatics Photo Contest

Got this from fellow photog powerpee

Will post it here so I wont forget that I have to do an entry

Eligibility. This contest is open to photographers residing in the Philippines. MINDstyle Philippines staff, personnel, family, relatives, etc. are not eligible to participate in this event.

Fee. Each participant will receive an entry form for every purchase of Brandt Peters’ Serv-O-Matics figure ( These figures will be shipped at a cost of P850.00. You can also avail of the figure for only P750.00 directly @ 57 Guirayan St., Araneta Avenue, Quezon City. Only 1 entry per person is allowed.

Theme. Show us your creative juice by sending us your best interpretation of Serv-O-Matics. You can add props, backgrounds, toys, diorama, etc. Entries that depict any malicious elements will be disqualified.

* Digital Manipulation or any enhancements are not allowed

But other adjustments are allowed (like brightness, contrast, etc.)

Submission. Kindly email your entries at with the following captions:

Subject: Photo Contest: (Title of Entry)

Photo should be at least 500kb in size, and a maximum of 1MB. Please also include your name, email and contact number in case you are chosen as the lucky winner.

Other. The contest will start on July 23, 2009 and end in August 31, 2009. The winner will be notified via email or sms and must submit the original file of his/her entry to be verified by the panel of judges. The winning entry will be uploaded at and will be awarded P5,000.00.

Disclaimer. MINDstyle Philippines reserves the right to use the photos for promotional ads, etc.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mi Adidas RP Edition


Adidas has caught up with nike on the RP Game. With nike releasing the RP Hyperize pack and released the RP Hyperdunk in limited quantities in the states, Adidas has also released their own Myadidas Pilipinas Collection.

These are basically customized color variants of their kicks, notably the TS Bounce Commander, the Promodel and the TS Lightning Creator.
Designs are ok but prices are e little higher than the regular releases. (and I like the KG Home colorway better for the bounce commander).


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Arboleda Joins Poweade Team Pilipinas


With the recent injuries and uncertain status of Jayjay Helterbrand and Ryan Reyes. Coach Yeng has appointed BK Whopper Guard Wynnie Arboleda as an interim point guard for the national team. He will play in the jones cup but if Reyes' and Helterbrand's injuries continue, might go all the way to Fiba Asia.

Arboleda, The Triple H of the PBA (Like HHH, he is known for his physical and cerebral asassin like calculated moves, plus he is also the son in law of the team owner like HHH and Vince Mc Mahon). Also played in the tune up game against the Atheltes in Action Soldiers of Christ team.

With time Running out and the pba still havent played the final season. Arboleda is the logical choice for the guard even with better players around (Alapag, Castro etc) because of his familiarity in the system.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Air Jordan 60+ series Bulls Vs Celtics 2 Pack

While I am Really Doubtful of the Nike's Love for anything related to the Celtics. (With the truth's shoe still a kid's exclusive and Ray-ray stuck as a Jordan brand player exclusive). Nike releases the first of its Air Jordan 60+ Series, honoring Jordan's 60 Point Games. The first one shows his 63 point performance in the 1st round against boston. Though I thought that was his second seaspn so he should be wearing AJ2s. The set comes with the Blk/Red AJ1 and a "Celtics Parquet Floor Box"

Photobucket The Red Blk is Perfect for AJ1 Jerseys and Even Sakuragi Hanamichi Jerseys. The Celtics Colorway will work for ray allen jerseys since he is a part of team jordan. Reports say the whole set will cost 200$ for this.

However, If Nike Phils is willing to shell this out in the RP market, I'm more than willing to camp out for this one. But since it is gonna be a general release, It would be probably easier to cop.  Which makes me excited. If Ever I'm going to buy a 200$ shoe in my life, this is probably going to be it. But then again this is a 2-pack


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nike Hyperize Philippines


As Part of Nike's Hyperize Asian City PAck (Along with china, Olympic Gold, Taiwan and Hongkong)

I hope nike would make this available for the Filipino People and not another limited edition thing. They have been making bad Decisions over the years...

Remember the Philippine Air Force 1? That was the first nike filipino inspired nike shoe and they sold it everywhere except one country where the shoe mattered the most.... The Philippines!

Not that much of a "terno" with Powerade or smart gilas' Jerseys. But I think the RP Players will be wearing this one in the Jones Cup and Fiba Wars.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sheed goes to beantown


The biggest target on the C's wishlist Just came trough Sheed is now a Celtic! Welcome the Big 4!
An NBA source said tonight that Detroit free agent forward Rasheed Wallace has committed to sign with the Celtics on July 8 when free agents are able to sign. Wallace is expected to get a two-year deal using the mid-level exception (expected to be about $5.6 million to $5.8 million).

With the Mid level exception gone Big Baby is likely a goner. Things also look dim for leon. We're going to need another man at the post.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Celtics Free Agency Wishlist


Mr. Nice Guy is My favorite player outside the Celtics. Yes, he spent most of his prime riding the bench with his ankle injury but he is a class act. The first of the Jordan "Hair apparents" Hill has proven in his time with the suns that he could come back to his often injured status. Coming off the bench, he wouldnt have so much pressure hence a lesser chance to be injured than his time with the suns. He also comes cheap and can be signed with the veterans minimum exception. Also, It would be good to end Grant's Career with a title, and with the Celtics at that.


Rasheed Wallace: Of all the possible free agent signings, this guy is the biggest. Since the C's lack inside presence outside of Perk and KG, Last year's postseason injuries took a toll and exploited this weakness. The signing of mikki moore as the next PJ brown certainly did not help either.

The C's are planning to use the mid level exception on this guy. But then again, there are so many players on sheed's market, contenders like the cavs and spurs are also hot in pursuit. The C's staff and players are courting this guy. As of now he'll think of it a week before deciding.


It took the Garnett and Powe Injury to really show the potential of bug baby davis, It did help us in the postseason, but it also did make things a bit harder for us now in the free agency. 4 teams are now interestsed in baby, the Pistons, Grizzlies, Knicks and spurs.

Either we get him or we get powe back, but powe will come off an injury and most likely be available in february. It will be a great loss if the C's dont sign him but we do have an insurance policy in powe.


Right Now, This one is a longshot. Marburry wants more money,which the C's certainly do not have right now. Though he did thank the team and the fans for playing here last season.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Leader Class Megatron Review

Our review today covers one of the more neglected stocks in the ROTF line. But dont its semi-pegwarmer status fool you, this bot literally has more than meets the hype (or lack thereof). Ever since his reigns on cybertron, to his famous "Such heroic nonsense" lines to his radar screen readings in revenge if the fallen that made a lot of know it all film critics act like gods, Megatron has been the benchmark bad guy in the transformers universe. He may not sell as much toys as prime did, but his sleek and calculating persona always lands a soft spot on kids and geeks alike.


Unlike the first movie, Megatron is of a semi supporting role in Revenge of the Fallen. But Aesthetics wise, Megatron has improved. Not only from his MBE persona, but also from his previous leader class incarnation (Regular and Premium Combined). The Main body is also well proportioned and better than the stubby TFTM Counterpart.


As for the gimmicks, It has the usual leader class sound and light effects, but unlike the first one which only produces sounds, this one has one dialog which says "!" The chest also has the moving palte "Mech Alive" Gimmick and Blinking red LEDs on the Chest and Face Area, The left arm is small, being built to using other decepticons' parts. However this can be remedied by using VC demolishor as its left hand (Thanks to the cybph forums for this heads up). The right hand is big, can have multiple weapon set ups (A claw, A Launcher and a blade), however it lacks ample articulation.


Instead of an unexplanable Alien Jet, This time around, Megatron transforms to a more awesome Cybertronian tank. Come to think of it, most of his non gun alternate toy modes are usually tanks (Sometimes its an alien spaceship or a Helicopter though). The Tank is Huge! It also has a solid built. The tank has a bit od a similarity with TFA Voyager Class Shockwave.


Overall a great buy, Though I still havent bought The ROTF Prime, This megatron still has more spunk and "Angas Factor" than the Leader Class Protagonist. Even though I'd had to get prime because of the jetfire combination, If I were to gauge between prime and megs, provided prime is not rare then I'll choose ROTF Megatron in a heartbeat. Plus, Unlike Prime which has a brittle chest part, Megs is as solid as a rock and durable as well for long hours of play.


Better looking
Awesome well proportioned Bayformer robot. Even with the bayformer Concept, it still pushes through
Bigger size than the Previous Leader Class Megs
Tank Mode is Awesome
Big Gun

Small Left Hand
Un Articulated Right Hand
Instead of a blinking light, It would be more appreciated if they have a feature that will be able to turn the red light on meg's face and chest.

Size Comparison with the other Megatrons (TFTM LC, Animated and MP-05)

Overall Grade: 9 out of 10

With his Buddies, Starscream and the Fallen.

I'm Back

Back in Manila

New York

Finally got back from New York. RP's Quarantine policies are so overrated. Its been a few days since I arrived and I think I'm more affected with Jetlag problems and sleeping habbits rather than the ah1n1 scare.

Photos from the New York tour are in my multiply (Contacts only)


Got 3 awards from toycon, 3rd in the Dio Contest, 2nd in the Toy Photog Contest and 3rd in the Cosplay Photog Competition. I Havent gotten my certificates for the 2 3rd place finishes and will try to pick them up later.


I'm suddenly inclining towards Photography nowadays, Getting the 2 awards from toycon has helped made me incline on such. While I was in the states, I was planning on getting a 50mm f/1.8 from the BNH store in manhattan since they are selling it for the cheapest at $89 + Tax. To not further splurge my remaining pocket money, I decided to buy it on my last day of the tour. Sadly, I didnt realized they were closed on saturdays being a jewish store. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the lens only cost Php 4,300 locally.

As of now I'm Itching to do more photography and Art

Thursday, July 2, 2009

sixers' Logo Rennaisance


I kinda noticed this while watching the NBA Draft last week, The Sixers has reverted back to its old logo. Now I'm not quite sure between the logo changes in NBA history but I've seen teams revert from the cartoony styles of the 90s updated logos inspired from their old team colors of the 80s (Examples, Pistons logo, Jazz logo, Bucks Logo) But I havent seen a team actually revert back to its old logo. I'm not sure if this is just for their 60th anniversary or if the jerseys will also be redesigned (I'll miss that Phila Alternate), but its nice to see a team reconsider its own retro logo for a change.

Nike X Transformers ROTF

Last week in NYC, while looking for kicks, I came across several tf inspired nike products.

Nike and Transformers had always been in collab since the first film with the nikefree Prime and Megatron as well as the G1 Inspired shoe designs of soundwave, bumblebee etc. This time, they released the ROTF line.

Here is the Nike Dunk X Optimus Prime I saw displayed in various footlocker and footaction stores, One of the 3 Rotf Collaboration shoes (with Bumblebee Air Max 95 and Megatron CB34). The designs are of acquired taste, however the sizes are for kids/ women only. Sad but that's how Nike has been even in their p2 designs.

The Shoes are not the only ones with the transformers collab, There are also accompaniying shirts. Pics here taken from Niketown Trump Tower. Sadly, like the shoes, they also come in Kids sizes.

Optimus Prime

Megatron (But the design looks a lot made for starscream)

Overall, its nice to see nike is doing crossover products and this time at a non limited edition price. Too bad its only kids sizes, but its good for collectors and sneakerheads alike.

Powerade Pinas Goes To battle Today against Athletes In action


WKU Big man Japeth Aguilar donning the New Nike red jersey of Powerade Pilipinas (Alternate?) Photo from Interbasket forums/Inside Sports

and The Powerade National Team goes up today against the Athletes in action squad from the USA. The AIA, Christian sports organization and is active in 75 countries. At the san juan arena today

The RP Team and AIA had quite a history together

in 2005, The RP Team lost in the Jones Cup against the AIA after a desparation 3 by Asi

In 2006, While Playing in the Philippines, Gabe Norwood was discovered to be a Fil Am and is now a fixture in RP Basketball

In 2007, SMC Team Pilipinas defeated AIA in the Jones Cup By 6 and was tied with the Philippines for 3rd place.

Powerade RP Will suit up with 9 Players, with some of the players injured or playing in the PBA finals.

While the lineup is still depleted, I'm happy this RP team is getting some tune ups it desperately needs.

I'm not sold on the red jersey though, While it fits Yeng's system. Call me Superstitious, but the last time we wore red was in 2002 (Selecta RP) where the country jinxed its last 3 games, the Yao Ming Blowout, The Packing shet game against Korea and that Morale lacking game against Kazakhstan.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hello Kitties

I was out for a 2 week vacation in the states, through walking in the streets of Times Square I stumbled in Quite a Sight

Hello Kitties

Its Hello Kitty!

This is one of the mascots in the Times Square area in new york. I dont think they're licensed ones but their costumes are detailed enough. They ask for a little donation if you pose for a pic with them. Other mascots include spongebob, mickey, minnie, elmo, dora and the cookie monster.

Here is the kitty mascot resting. A 60-ish year old asian lady is inside