Saturday, March 31, 2012

3rd Camp Run


A few hours after the PBA Kampihan na Run with the Fans, I was off to Camp Aguinaldo for the second run of the day, the 3rd. Camp run.  The run is all about helping the beneficiaries of Hero foundation and reversing the literacy program of our underprivileged schoolchildren. After a morning competing against Pro Basketball players, spending the afternoon running up against soldiers isn't bad at all.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Asia Crown

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review: Converse EB2

95/365 Cons EB2

As the Sixers take atop the Atlantic division, we take a look back at their forward's signature kicks from the past season, the EB2. The shoe was released 2 years ago as the 2nd part of the EB line trilogy.


The material used is a combination of suede and leather. White stitching and red highlights add certain color contrasts with it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Review: PBA Atin to Retro Jersey Great Taste Discoverers

Last September 30, The PBA launched its retro jersey, with it came reproductions of the 25 greatest players in the league.Ever since PBA went into merchandising early in the decade, they had been clamored with requests on releasing retro jerseys. More than a decade later, it finally came true.


Planing to acquire something unique as opposed to regular popular and bandwagon teams, I settled for a Great Taste Discoverers Jersey of Ricardo Brown. Brown, a former Houston Rockets draft pick and PBA MVP. He played for Northern Cement, Great Taste and SMB . He is also probably one of the friendliest PBA stars to ever grace into facebook. The Orange/ Yellow/ Black seemed ahead of his time and one of the better looking jerseys during the launch. I would've prepared the beige one, but if there was one jersey that could redefine the quick brown fox's career, it is this one.

Monday, March 26, 2012

PBA Run with the Fans

Last Saturday, I did something new, participate in 2 races at the same day.


At the start, I was expecting that a lot of PBA Players would join the longer distances as they had did in the past, sadly, the ongoing PBA Schedule and the tightrace for the quarters at the standings prevented them from doing so. There are still quite a number of them, albeit at the 3k category. I was also hoping some Powerade tigers players to show up, but sadly only a few coaches showed up. In fairness, Barako Bull, Meralco and BGK had quite a delegation.

After the preparations, the marshals told us via a huddle on how to take the race route. It felt like a basketball huddle. We were supposed to do 2 laps on the 5k in a very Hilly route for a complete 10k. When the gun started, my pace was ok, only a few walks in the uphill.With powerade as a sponsor, there were plenty of hydration, I only needed 2 of my 4 hydration bottles.

During the later half of the run, the participants from the shorter distances finally began to show up, so do the players. So do the players, apparently only the H-Bomb took the race seriously, placing 4th in the 3k category.  Most of the players were in race support mode though. Giving high fives and cups.

After 2 laps, I finally ended the race. A bit slow because of the hills but I have to leave something more for the run later that afternoon The route was challenging but it really felt longer than 10k.

The medal could've used more work, but an award/ recognition of any sort, especially from the PBA is always a welcome addition. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mick Pennisi's epic flop

Mick Penissi puts Philippine Basketball back into the international map (including being #2 in sportscenter with this epic viral flop.

Here is his explanation.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

raced against raze

 Race support was ok, there were lots of hydration/ water to keep you along the way. 

On the start, there was a simple ceremony and they had us start after a few minutes. While I got the race figured out, I really had a bit of a hard time preparing for it hence, the wal breaks took a little bit longer than expected. Race support was however, good with adequate hydration and friendly marshals.

Starting Line

In the end I finished at 2:19,  bad finish considering I did 2:05 2 months ago on the same route. Stress on work and grad school related probably had taken its toll. Anyway, it was still nice considering you get to help others and quite some calories burned. 


There's also this really cool and big square medal which is a nice souvenir along with he sublimated singlet.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review: Accel Coca Cola Tigers Jersey

Today we go with a blast from the past as we take a look at an "old stock" Coca Cola Tigers Jersey by Accel.

This Jersey was one of the earliest attempts by Accel for a PBA merchandise Jersey. It was probably made around the 2003-04 era when the Tigers were still dominating before going to a long slump. There were 2 types of jersey released by that time, a double cool and a dryfit jersey. This one is a dryfit jersey.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Ronac Basketball

Saturday, March 10, 2012 Tech Shirt Contest Aftermath


I initally though that I would only be given a watch, but Pinoyfitness and soleus was very kind and generous to hand out a handful of other items


A drawstring bag and Tech shirt by soleus. I though the shirt wont fit me, being a medium sized one but it fits well. Loved the high end fabric used, feels like you're wearing a tech fit or pro combat compression shirt.


Pinoyfitness Singlet. It was given to me because I had already purchased a Pinoyfitness tech shirt last year.


Multisport's 2011 sourcebook, I was originally keeping an eye on this when I was visiting fullybook branches.

Thanks to those who voted
Once again, thanks to Mr. Jeff Lo and the Pinoyfitness Family!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Run United 1 2012 experience



My initial goal for this race is to see my improvement for my ultimate running goal this year, make it to the Milo marathon 21k cut off time of 2:30. The previous best I had is 2:50 and I would like to see how the progress is going.

Initial BGC Run

I arrived at the starting area around 4:10 am. By then you can also see the multitude of runners from the MOA area stepping down on the shuttle bus. By then the National anthem is played and an opening prayer was done. They then went through with the program by showing Runrio music videos and what's in store for the year by Unilab Active Health.

The traditional race route animation followed. When the animated CG Rio was playing, people were shouting and clapping on the new race route in store for run United 3.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Review: DLSU Archers Dream game jersey

Today, we take a look at the Jerseys used for the PBA Blue vs. Green Dream game. The match featured Alumni PBA and former PBA players against each other at the big dome.

The Jerseys are head and shoulders above the ones used from the previous Ateneo La Salle dream game a few years back (those with yakult logos at the middle of the jerseys).

Monday, March 5, 2012


Time flies fast.

Just 2 weeks ago, Linsanity was at an all time high. The C's on the other hand was at a downfall. Losing consecutive games and massive criticism at our point guard. Rondo was also at the top of several trade talks before going to the all star break. After the break, KG's pre all star game team meeting proved to help address a sense of urgency.

The Celtics had won 4 straight games since then. Including 2 triple doubles by Rondo in that stretch. The last win today proved to be the biggest win so far, an overtime win against the Knicks. Rondo tried to cope up and withstand Linsanity, The result ended in a 18 point, 17 rebound and 20 assist performance, the best since Magic Johnson. It was his 17th Triple double and 4th in this season. Lin produced decent numbers but clearly wasn't enough.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Converse Asia Crown

Converse Asia Crown all set to Conquer Manila


 A Skateboarder's crowning glory, Converse Philippines is set to bring the county Asia's biggest skateboarding event dubbed as the Asia Crown on March 31 at the TriNoMa open parking, which is the event's official venue partner.

Catering to the best skateboarders around the Metro, the Asia Crown aims to give Filipino skateboarders the chance to show off their dope moves on the board and compete with the best of the best skateboarders across the country.

More than bragging rights, the local Asia Crown skateboarding champion will be hailed as the first official skateboarding ambassador of Converse Philippines—That means a year of Converse skateboarding goodies, P50,000 cold hard cash, and plane tickets to official Converse skateboarding events worldwide.

Skateboarders are in for more treats as Converse Philippines is also set to fly in an internationally-renowned Converse Skateboarding Ambassador to show them how it’s done.

Open to all, free of charge, the Asia Crown will be a day-long celebration of physical recreation, while fusing music and the arts, while reinforcing Converse Philippines’ position as a key proponent of the global sport that is skateboarding,

To catch more news and updates, check Converse Philippines Facebook page and drop by Registration forms are available for download at the Converse Philippines’ Converse Asia Crown event page and in stores nationwide.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

March Runs

march runs Over the next 21 days, I will be having 5 runs(Including 2 Runs on March 24) Starting with Run United 1 21k Tomorrow.