Friday, August 31, 2007

Living the fantasy

Last month's Storms caused numerous days of boredom. And which, resulted into living a fantasy of a frustrated sports fan.

With a Drive against kobe, F-U against edge and a Slobber knocker against morales made the storm seem dead.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


It’s Kobe’s Bday today (well technically yesterday because its already past 12 midnight). And he’s coming back in the country on my bday .

Yes guys, you heard it right, nike is bringing back an nba superstar to the country. And unlike Vince Carter and Paul Pierce, They wont place them to visit some school while the rest of the public would just have to watch the news or read the papers a day after. Kobe will be in megamall (I thought it would be at moa). While it would be sort of ironic for a celts fan to talk about our anti hero, but what the heck.

Kobe and AI both came nearly a decade ago. It was August of 1998. Before they were fighting over the 2001 finals, the media here already created a sort of rivalry of who had the better tour. It’s Adidas versus Reebok. Quite ironic that they’re both under the same ownership now. The 2 came a year later after shaq’s and grant hill’s promotional tours. Iverson came first, the media was prevented from asking questions such as Kobe Bryant coming 4 days later and shaq being cut as a reebok endorser. But he did came to megamall with Jerry Cordinera and waived at the fans. No games or exhibitions though, and went to cuneta astrodome to shake hands with Tim Cone and Lanont Strothers in game 4 of the 1998 commisioners. Kobe on the Other hand arrived and greeted by the then bb pilipinas candidates. Went to megamall to play a pick up 3 on 3 game with Bong Ravena and Bal David against Alvin Teng, Rommel Adducul and Vic Pablo. After which, he went to Araneta not just to wave to the crowd, but to have a slam dunk exhibition at the halftime of the game 6 of the finals. One of the dunks was the same Vinsanity did 4 years later. The next few days, he came into play with the participants of the streetball challenge finals, met with then President Estrada, went to nayong Pilipino and played against some kids in an orphanage before going back to the US. It is evident that kobe won this one.

Say all you can say about kobe, all the troubles, scandals and negative news. But one thing is clear, the impression he made when he came here was tremendous, It’s a rarity to even see one staying for 4 days, entertaining the crowd and doing a favor to the less fortunate as well.

Now that he’s a full pledged superstar, would he still do the same things?

Lets find out.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

A.C.E. 3 The final

I've been a VERY big fan of the A.C.E. Series (Another Century's Episode) its so rare to find a game that covers several mecha series and not be turn based or a strategy game nonetheless. That is why I'm very exited that ACE 3 would finally be out in a matter of months. The mecha series included is pretty promising (Seed, Macross, Wing, Nadesico) as well as the additions (Shin Getter, Turn A, Overman, Eureka 7) and like the previous games, have a stunning cg opening sequence that can put even a hollywood film to shame.

Friday, August 17, 2007


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Yesterday night as the rain starts to pour down, After a full day’s of work, I went into my room to rest and watch some television. And with no particular television show to watch unto, I began channel surfing, of which a local channel has something interesting to show, yes it’s the super bowl. However, it was the super bowl 39, which occurred 2 years ago. It featured the Patriots against the Eagles. Being a celtic fan, I’ve read a lot regarding the “other” sports teams of boston’s successes ( like the red sox and the patriots) so I decided to watch the game. As I watched the game, It reminded me an old desire of playing the sport.

About a decade ago, nfl games were shown in IBC/Vtv 13. I used to watch some of those games. After spending the summer vacation in southern california prior to that schoolyear, I was exposed to their major US sports, the nba, nfl, mlb and nhl. This exposure made me more interested to watch their telecast. And that interest led to a desire, back then I really wanted to play this game. As a grade schooler in an all boys elementary school, we’ve already tried a lot of sports on our physical education classes. Basketball, Volleyball, Ping pong, Baseball, Kickball, Badminton, Soccer and the native games. And yes, I was sucky to fairly decent at the most for these sports. But I thought I had the potential to be good in football for a change. So by the time our PE Teacher told us that we were supposed to play football, I though it was the finally real deal. But was disappointed when it turned out to be soccer (I didn’t know any better back then, I was in grade school). I asked our PE Teacher, why still play soccer, as we’ve already took that sport on our previous years (grade 3 and 4) and try “Football” instead. He said go play it yourself. With a facial expression that sees the sport as something that’s gruesome or violent.

Or maybe he’s scared that I’d injure everyone else on the class.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


I saw these jackets online for quite some time now. They look really good, Problem is, they got sold out fast online. Good thing I saw in the papers that it is going to be released locally. Cant wait for these. Its really a good thing to see these sporting companies release mechandise that are related to the country. First nike (though team pinas lost and the AF1s arent even released locally) and now adidas (accel doesnt count because they're already the official outfitters, but thanks to them nonetheless).

This is the men's jacket with the tri color, and has the 3 stars and a sun. The sun looks freaky but shows a lot of vintage inspirations.

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and this I think, is the women's version. Toned down.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


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Turn yourself into a simpsons character with this simpsons avatar creator at . My Avatar is photoshopped a bit for obvious reasons.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Pride is Back

(originally posted on Aug 1, 2007)

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I was really exited about this one that I forgot TP's Dissapointing performance in fiba asia championships (But I still believe). Yes we're contenders again. Expect a lot of bandwagoners to join team green. But IMO it came with a very high price, the team's entire future. Jefferson, Green, Telfair, the 1st round pick and Ratliff were already enough. The other draft pick, gomes and cash considerations were just too much. But still Better do It now while PP and ray are on their prime than wait for the youngsters to grow. But whatever happens, the celtic pride is back!

Makes you think if this was mc hale's greatest performance as a celtic.


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