Friday, July 3, 2009

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Leader Class Megatron Review

Our review today covers one of the more neglected stocks in the ROTF line. But dont its semi-pegwarmer status fool you, this bot literally has more than meets the hype (or lack thereof). Ever since his reigns on cybertron, to his famous "Such heroic nonsense" lines to his radar screen readings in revenge if the fallen that made a lot of know it all film critics act like gods, Megatron has been the benchmark bad guy in the transformers universe. He may not sell as much toys as prime did, but his sleek and calculating persona always lands a soft spot on kids and geeks alike.


Unlike the first movie, Megatron is of a semi supporting role in Revenge of the Fallen. But Aesthetics wise, Megatron has improved. Not only from his MBE persona, but also from his previous leader class incarnation (Regular and Premium Combined). The Main body is also well proportioned and better than the stubby TFTM Counterpart.


As for the gimmicks, It has the usual leader class sound and light effects, but unlike the first one which only produces sounds, this one has one dialog which says "!" The chest also has the moving palte "Mech Alive" Gimmick and Blinking red LEDs on the Chest and Face Area, The left arm is small, being built to using other decepticons' parts. However this can be remedied by using VC demolishor as its left hand (Thanks to the cybph forums for this heads up). The right hand is big, can have multiple weapon set ups (A claw, A Launcher and a blade), however it lacks ample articulation.


Instead of an unexplanable Alien Jet, This time around, Megatron transforms to a more awesome Cybertronian tank. Come to think of it, most of his non gun alternate toy modes are usually tanks (Sometimes its an alien spaceship or a Helicopter though). The Tank is Huge! It also has a solid built. The tank has a bit od a similarity with TFA Voyager Class Shockwave.


Overall a great buy, Though I still havent bought The ROTF Prime, This megatron still has more spunk and "Angas Factor" than the Leader Class Protagonist. Even though I'd had to get prime because of the jetfire combination, If I were to gauge between prime and megs, provided prime is not rare then I'll choose ROTF Megatron in a heartbeat. Plus, Unlike Prime which has a brittle chest part, Megs is as solid as a rock and durable as well for long hours of play.


Better looking
Awesome well proportioned Bayformer robot. Even with the bayformer Concept, it still pushes through
Bigger size than the Previous Leader Class Megs
Tank Mode is Awesome
Big Gun

Small Left Hand
Un Articulated Right Hand
Instead of a blinking light, It would be more appreciated if they have a feature that will be able to turn the red light on meg's face and chest.

Size Comparison with the other Megatrons (TFTM LC, Animated and MP-05)

Overall Grade: 9 out of 10

With his Buddies, Starscream and the Fallen.

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