Thursday, October 4, 2012

Review: Accel TR Miler


One thing comes to mind when looking at this shoe... Is it a running shoe or more suited to be a trainer? I've seen branding where this shoe is referred to as "RN" Miler and sometimes as "TR" Miler.  It's physical features and build tends to be more of a trainer that can be used for treadmills and fun runs alike.In fact, I have seen several runners wear this in longer distance races (16k and 21 k) and still perform well.


The Look


The shoe's upper area is predominantly made of nylon mesh with blue patent leather/ PU synthetic leather for the blue accent colors. Silver TPU based stripes partially painted in yellow accentuate the middle for the shoe's support.



The colors remind you of the Philippine flag, but the guys at Accel made it in such a way that it is toned down with neutral colors such as gray and white. The gray mesh area really helps the overall look by making it less busy and accentuating the brighter colors. The use of cobalt blue over the usual striking royal blue seen in most Philippine inspired colorways is a nicer touch.


The soles are molded  with mini rubber based cleats/ blades usually seen on hiking shoes. The heel area contains a hard plastic type of sole sticking outwards. It weighs the shoe a lot but prevents the feet from accidental roll outs.



I really haven't tried this one in an actual races as I preferred it's other PHL colored shoe, the RN Pursue. Trying it on training runs the road and the treadmill, one can feel it's added baggage as it feels as you're running in a low to mid cut basketball shoe. However, the cushioning feels like a normal running shoe, good for heavy runners.

What it does work better at, is for your daily chores in the gym. It's wide angle provides stability in your feet when doing step ups, box jumps and squats. It's heavy build is useful for the dead lifts and shoulder shrugs.  

Overall, the shoe's construction and feel makes it more suited for cross training purposes. It can also be used for running activities but is really better suited as a Gym/ workout/ cross training shoe.


Miguel Angelo Medina said...

saan po makakabili ng accel running sheos like RN & TR miller? thanks! ^__^

Miguel Angelo Medina said...

saan po makakabili ng RN & TR miller accel shoes?? philippines.
thanks! god bless po!

Raichu08 said...

Sa SM/ Robinsons dept stores sa Tobys and Olympic village meron din