Thursday, September 27, 2007

High and Mighty no more?

Ever since they debuted their single "Pride" caught my attention. My eyes have laid on High and Mighty Color as My Favorite J- Rock Band. Known for their hard rocking songs, a mix of Harajuku and Rock inspired get ups and A cute Rocker Chick , Maki for a lead singer. It was a breath of fresh air for the usual J-rock scene. The Single Pride was followed up by a handful of hits including the Upbeat "OVER", the energetic "dive into yourself", and the popular "Ichirin no Hana" helped HandMC Rise to prominence over the past 2 years. However with the popularity, the band's image started to change as well. Their songs, from being upbeat and hard rock, has now become mellow and sentimental, the band's image changed as well. Their style became a lot more conservative. There's still the attitude, but not like before. Makes me ask if they'll ever come back from their old style and image. Recent music videos showed some signs and hints, hope they do though.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bakuc 2007

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BAKUC (Bandai Action Kits Universal Cup) is the premier Gunpla model kit competition outside of Japan. It started back in 2003 as BAKAC (Bandai Action Kits Asia Cup) Which runs a series of regional competitions in various asian countries and those who have qualified, would participate in Hongkong for the grand finals. Throughout the years, the reprensenting winners have steadily gone down. In 2003, the top 5 winners get to represent their said country and go to hongkong. In 2004 and 2005, only the top 3 would represent their respective countries and only the champion will go to hongkong. By 2006, The name of the tournament was changed To BAKUC because of the inclusion of 2 other european countries, and only the champion would represent his said country (this was due to issues of mishandling when entries are shipped to HK) . By 2007, the US is making its debut via an online competition.

Though the US Site does would be the basis to choose their representative, It also runs other contests for the members outside of the north american region. I'm entered in those categories.

To vote, please Click the banner above this post, after which, scroll down and click at the model entries, and click on the stars (1-10) on the criterias and submit.

As for the Philippine tournament, Deadline for entries is at Oct 27,2007. For more
information visit the bankee site or here

Friday, September 21, 2007

Cynthia Luster

Cynthia Luster

Farrahcat is one of the villains in the 1980s hit sentai show Choudenshi Bioman. She was Farrah's asistant in the neo empire, she was usually seen squaring off with the female members of the bioman. She was played by Yukari Oshima or more popularly known in the Philippines as Cynthia Luster. After Bioman She did a lot of martial arts films in hongkong as well as in the Philippines where she teamed up with actors such as Lito Lapid and Vic Sotto.

Farrahcat figure from Sentai girls in uniform series 3 by Bandai
Camera: Canon Digital IXUS i
Exposure: 0.077 sec (1/13)
Aperture: f/2.8
Focal Length: 6.4 mm
Exposure Bias: -2/3 EV

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


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Finally had my camera and ps2 back. Both of them got broken a few weeks back. On the way to HK, I mistakenly placed the camera into the check in luggage and It had a lens error when using the zoom into custom or normal mode. As soon as we came back home, I sent it to the service center for repairs, Waited for about a week and claimed it. The people at the service center didnt even charge for the repairs.

As for the Ps2, It was unable to read the games but was able to read the movies, had it repaired turns out the problem was onto the adjustment of the lens. I thought it was going to be the lens or mod chip damage, good thing it was neither one or the other. Finally, I'm exited to play ACE 3 and SRW Original Generations.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Best Nights


Tagged by Aion.

Rule: Name five of the Best Nights of your Life and then tag four people.

Sept 5 1984 - bday.

Feb 20something 1986 - going to crame to be a part of the edsa revolution was just a little kid back then, didn't remember much.

April 2000 - Spent the night in the subway/ bus terminal area of new york, since we came of a bus trip from washington and it was very early in the morning (around 2am), You can see so many homeless black people in the streets. And very discriminating white ones as well.

Feb 2006 -Watched Wrestling Live after 11 years of waiting.

Mar 2007 - Overnight at Abscbn pagkatapos kaming umagahin.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Funny that every Christmas time, I usually create of what I wanted to have for Christmas wishlist to hopelessly assume that someone would give them as a present. As it obviously turns out, I end up buying all of it myself. Well in a matter of Hours I’ll turn 23, Might as well do something different for a change and do it a bit earlier.

Here’s my wishlist of uber wallet unfriendly material goodies in no particular order.

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1. Adidas Originals Philippines Jacket - Everyone's looking for this as well. as I mentioned in my earlier blog post, this one's a keeper since Philippine inspired items are rare.

Damage: $85

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2. MG 1:100 Strike Noir Gundam – Big bad evil looking black robot with devilish wings. Well Actually I’ve already ordered this online a few months back. But it sealed a tragic fate as it was a casualty on a fire at the manila warehouse of customs. Good thing that I haven’t payed for it before it happened.

Damage: 2.1k on Online Acquisition, 2.3k on Greenhills and 3.5k on malls.

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3. Canon EOS 400D - It's really my dream to get one of these. I mean I love my S3IS but want to get a better, more professional camera.

Damage: 37k for sole camera, 45k for kit

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4. Kevin Garnett Celtics Alternate Jersey – Preferably Authentic or swingman. But since they would be scarce here, even a replica would do, wag lang fake. I don’t think adidas ever released alternate jerseys locally, so most likely online na to available.

Damage: $44.95 for Replica, $79.95 for swingman and $120 for authentic.

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5. Smoked Tail lights for mazda 3. – I’m not really big into updating and giving custom parts for cars. For me, I just use the car to get to one place onto another. But if there was one thing that I’d like to change to my car, it has to be those tail lights. Bright red tail lights on a blue car just doesn’t fit. And yes, It doesn’t need to be like the led effects one pictured above. Any smoked tail lights would definitely do.

Damage: Around 6-8k sa labas, around 15k sa kasa.

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6. Nike Air Zoom Flight Five – I have this habit of waiting for a sale before buying a pair of shoes. Usually a year after they were originally released. While It was successful on some acquisitions (Fila GH3, Jordan 13, Lebron2) of which had me acquired for a much lower price. But there are times in which when I waited too long for a sale, there are no more sizes left. Case in point is this shoe 10 years ago. From 5,600 php, I waited till it became 3,500 then there's no available size anymore. It is available now on nike so anyone can customize it. I'd prefer one in a black/green colorway.

Damage: $150 sa

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7. John Cena Top Dawg T shirt - Love him or hate him, he's still my fave wrestler. After the marine inspired shirts, he's back to the hustle, loyalty respect motto. A top dog image is in the back.

Damage: $25 sa, might be 300php if they produce it locally, but they dont produce locally anymore.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


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Guess what, its hongkong trip time once again. The time where I spend my savings for months on and stock on clothing, gunpla and lots of reading material. Still, mongkok is truly the place to be especially for a cheapo othaku like me. I did get to take a lot of pictures but its a lot harder now, since my Canon S3IS's zoom lens started acting like crazy, it wasnt good as I wanted them to be. Come to think of it, my ps2 needs to be repaired to. Still a lot of games to be played before shifting to ps3.

Anyways, here are some pics.

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Seems like keroro gunsou is big in HK, as in most of the other asian countries. There's the keroro platoon everywhere, from posters to fashion magazines, techie gadgets, mobile phones, mooncakes, to toothpaste and even some clothing stores display keroro in the entrance of their stores. I like this show as well, It really cracks me up. Too bad Channel 2 cancelled it in their program block.

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This is one of the 3 pandas that were lent by the chinese government to hongkong's ocean park. I've never seen actual pandas before this. They really look cute on personal.

I want bamboo

Also it seems like a lot of the peeps there are very much into street fashion as well. You can see a mixture of fob and japanese style fashion as sported by the locals.