Monday, December 15, 2008

The enigma is now an Icon!


Jeff Hardy after all the trials, failures, drug controversies, burned houses has finally catched the top prize in the WWE.

Jeff clibling the top of the set design of the titantron holding the wwe title belt was a sight to behold. Too bad his brother matt was not there to celebrate with him.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nike Team Pilipinas Fiba Asia 2009 Jersey Review

Nike 2009 Team Pilipinas Jersey

It's Kinda early for the 2009 Fiba Asia championships but nike has recently released its clothing line for Team Pilipinas 2009. The new jersey is similar to most nike jerseys seen in the last olympics which carries nike's swift system of dress.

But then again, there is a renewed sense of nationalism in this country. From the top level international brands, to the major local brands and the cheap or even fake brands seen in the tiangges or bazaars, most of them sport on a new take, Filipino Pride. Some Fashion Fags and crazy government officials may be against it, but everybody else aren't.

That's more than enough reason to release them on an earlier date and make them available towards the public.

The front

The front design features a Team Pilipinas crest at the left and a Nike swoosh mark on the right. It also contains the name "pilipinas" on the chest which has a similar font with the nike 2007 SEA Games Jerseys.

The back

The back is also similar with the designs seen in the Olympic jerseys of China, USA and germany with the aerographics design at the back. What is wierd with the RP Aerographics is that the Abstract vector graphic design that it used to have is not visible at the back of the jersey.

Shown here is the design as seen in the press releases and the launching event:

Shown here is the actual back design of the jersey and compares with the aerographics of the team usa jersey:


The number Issue
The general release jerseys does not have numbers printed in them (like the Regular release Ateneo and La Salle Adidas Jerseys). However, Nike has Provided a month long limited edition printing events for the number on the jersey. For December 2008, 3 Branches will be accepting Printing services (while supplies last) Via heat transfer printing machine. They will also include a small pilipinas at the back. Bonifacio High Street, Mall of Asia and trinoma are the said branches but it is better to call them first because these 3 outlets are sharing 1 printing machine.

In comparison with the 2008 USA Beijing Olympics Jersey

1. Similar to the USA, germany and China Jerseys, employs nike's swift system of dress.
2. Still cheaper compared to adidas replica and swingman jerseys
3. Released in a wider quantity and is more available.

1. Graphics on the back are not as good as compared to the Olympic bound teams.
2. Jerseys are of rubberized material while the ones from the other teams are stiched.
3. Jerseys are not printed with numbers and you have to go through the hassle of going to the selected stores just to have them printed. What's worse is that this is a limited thing only.

Team Pilipinas 09 Jersey + Pilipinas Hyperdunk 9/365

Filipino boxers in Hajime no Ippo (Knockout)

Malcomn Neto punches ippo makunochi in the face.

This might be old news for some, but it seems Filipino boxers are getting recognized even in the anime world

Hajime no Ippo (Ippo's Road to glory) known to the Philippines as Knockout and was shown at GMA 7 back in 2003. The series ran for 75 episodes including 1 OVA and 1 movie. The series will continue for a second season this coming January.

While the anime was placed with a halt, the manga series still continued and 2 filipino boxers were added into the lineup.

The First one is Malcomn Neto. Looks like a filipino movie villan or a baller. He's the one that was pitted against Ippo Makunochi. Kinda a bit racist because Neto for japanese means Scum.

The next one is Randy Boy Jr. which was the son of the boxer which defeated ichiro miyata's father several years back. He was based from Randy Suico Jr., a pinoy boxer based in japan.