Saturday, July 11, 2009

Air Jordan 60+ series Bulls Vs Celtics 2 Pack

While I am Really Doubtful of the Nike's Love for anything related to the Celtics. (With the truth's shoe still a kid's exclusive and Ray-ray stuck as a Jordan brand player exclusive). Nike releases the first of its Air Jordan 60+ Series, honoring Jordan's 60 Point Games. The first one shows his 63 point performance in the 1st round against boston. Though I thought that was his second seaspn so he should be wearing AJ2s. The set comes with the Blk/Red AJ1 and a "Celtics Parquet Floor Box"

Photobucket The Red Blk is Perfect for AJ1 Jerseys and Even Sakuragi Hanamichi Jerseys. The Celtics Colorway will work for ray allen jerseys since he is a part of team jordan. Reports say the whole set will cost 200$ for this.

However, If Nike Phils is willing to shell this out in the RP market, I'm more than willing to camp out for this one. But since it is gonna be a general release, It would be probably easier to cop.  Which makes me excited. If Ever I'm going to buy a 200$ shoe in my life, this is probably going to be it. But then again this is a 2-pack


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