Friday, December 27, 2013

Figure Fridays: Cenation

Shutting up the goddamn smarks.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Figure Fridays: Monsters University

The Scare Games

Mike, Sulley figures by Spinmaster and Art cup topper by SM Cinemas

Friday, July 26, 2013

Figure Fridays: Pacific Rim

Crimson Typhoon

After watching the movie, I knew I had to get these figures.Not the best movie ever made, but definitely up there.

Crimson Typhoon and Knifehead Kaiju figures by Neca.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Review: Adidas Falcon Elite


Today, we feature one of the three stripe's entry level runners/ trainers known as the Adidas falcon elite. These entry level shoes rarely get any exposure in regards to blog and reviews and are often just relegated to online store catalogs.



Monday, February 18, 2013

Year end toku shoot 2012: Uchuu Keiji


Last December 2012, me and a couple of Photography and Cosplay colleagues agreed to schedule the 2012 year ender cosplay shoot like we did back in 2011. This time we were able to cover the 3 Uchuu Keiji (Pulis Pangkalawakan) and Go On Wings (to be featured on part 2). Here are some pics from the shoot.



Friday, February 15, 2013

Figure Fridays! Review: Rajon Rondo POP Vinyl figure


When it came out locally (in the Philippines) during the 2012 Toy con, there were only 5 players available from the NBA line. Blake, Lebron, Linsanity, DRose and Melo. It was sad that Toy Kingdom managed to get the complete sets from all the other series like the Avengers, Disney and music figures but not for the NBA line.

However, I finally got lucky and spotted one in greenhills at SRP.  Upon checking, here is the Review:

Sculpt and details

Similar to most funko POP  figures, it features an oversized square head and generic body. All NBA series funko have the same mold: Basketball on the right and articulated arm on the left. Unlike the other mindstyle NBA figure series (Coolrain x NBA) Wherein details were given, particularly on armbands and shoe endorsements.


For a jersey as simple as the celtics, I am surprised that funko had a hard time making a decent paint job. There are paint splatters and poor decal applications in the jersey and shoes.  There seems to be a lot of paint chipping off or poorly applied as they say.


There are 2 points of articulation, the neck and the left shoulder. Since the ball prohibits the right arm from any movement. That's about it.

Display Factor

It just stands there, looking cute especially when paired with other POP vinyl figures. It does make a nice conversation piece.


It goes for 500 Php or 10 bucks. Do not go for it when the prices jump to 15$.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

No Speed Limit 2013 experience

Last year's No Speed Limit run was a good one (this is coming from a student of the "other" school). I joined the 15k event and we were able to run from Ateneo up to the Libis area. While hydration was a bit of an issue back then, race support, the beneficiaries and even the loot bags made it worthwhile. Even with the enormous number of flyovers and undergrounds I was able to break my PR for 15k.

It was good enough to give it another try. This year, they certainly made improvements, with awesome looking black singlets, a dryfit finisher's shirt and a medal that does not look like it was given on graduation day. All these things while still being able to help our special brothers and sisters.

Come the actual race, the route was great. The Marikina flyover was a refreshing change of breath while race support along with hydration was aplenty. The only problem was lack of signs/ informed marshals on the second loop of the 15k area which caused confusion among the runners, some of us being diverted to the finish line. I was looking on breaking my 15k PR for this race, however due to this mishap I was able to cover less than 15k and hence made my PR ineligible. Never bothered to raise an issue over it since what is important is we got to help the people with special needs.                

Contrary to popular belief, that Cheriffer mascot runs fast. Even beat a few walkers in the first hundred feet or so. 
Photo by Geek Runners

Monday, February 11, 2013

Review: Rain or Shine Elastopainters Jersey

Rain or Shine may have been swept at the previous Philippine cup finals but their reputation for being one of the toughest teams around the league and their virtue of self sacrifice helped them become one of the most beloved teams around. Today we take a look at it's current licensed replica jersey made by Accel.


Accel made two versions of this, one with Chris Tiu's name and number and another "Blank" one (same as their recent releases. I chose to get the blank one since ROS is more of a "no superstar" team. Print The problem with the first ROS jersey by accel is that not only is it print heavy, but the laminated glossy vinyl print makes it easy to stick on humid storage. Accel has fixed that problem with a matte type print.

Print placements stay true to the original design (chest and waist design) However, additional sponsors usually seen in the game jersey are not present.


 The fabric is made up of Dry fit material with a partial red collar design at the neck. Embroidered chest and nape patches and jock/ neck tags complete the placements. One thing that has it going for licensed replica jerseys is  that they are lighter and more comfortable than  game issued ones, which uses micro shiny fabric.


 The Jerseys retail for Php 749.75 at your leading department stores and specialty sports shops, only on L/XL (chest= 48) size.


Friday, January 11, 2013

FIBA Asia championships in 2013 in Manila


I'm sure all you guys are giddy, or if you have not yet heard, Fiba Sec-Gen Hagop Khajirian has moved the hosting of the FIBA Asia Championships this year from Beirut, Lebanon to Manila Philippines.