Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Review: Degeneration X Football Jersey


I first saw this jersey during the attitude era run of Degeneration X

So yeah, I was a Kid then I didn't have the means to afford that, When we visited the now defunct WWF New York in 2000, there was no stock of that said Item, I thought all hope was gone in acquiring it.


Luckily in 2006, DX got reincarnated and so does the merchandise, The Football jersey was retro-ed and I got one thru wweshop.com. Here's how it turned out.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Photography: Beantown Heroes

Due to Stresses at work, I tried to go back to Shooting Figures as a stress release.

Here are the shots I did the past 2 Days. The Heroes of Beantown.

The Truth Hurts

Five Knuckle Shuffle

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Master Run


The Run with the masters is a fund raising event for our Philippine team for the World Athletics Masters Championships this June Held in the USA. Supporting the Philippine team is something I hold dear. And one of the few causes I really care about.

Being my first 10k run, I implemented a 10 week program that I saw in Front Runner's magazine for transitioning from the 5k to the 10k. Granted that time constraints prevented me from following it to the letter. I was aiming for the top 300 finisher's medals and looking at the race results of 10k runs, you would need at a sub 1 just to be sure to get to the top 300. A sub 30 for a 5k race would now be easily attainable for me, but my base is still not enough for 10k.

So come race day, I left for the race 30 minutes later than I would normally leave due to the venue being nearer than the usual BHS routes. I realized that carrying 4 bottles on my hydration pack feels a bit heavy (I am usually using just 2, until now) so I gulped down half of the contents 2 of the rear bottles .There is a small starting area at the front of Rizal monument (While the finish line is stationed at the grandstand). The sound system was far from being loud and by  5:40 am the gun was fired for 10k.

The run was tiring, especially the Flyover before the turning point at Buendia.A lot of experienced runners usually say don't expect much on your first try in a new, longer distance. Now I learned it firsthand.

By the Finish line I clocked in at 1:07:17 Not enough for the Sub 1 I was planning on getting but luckily enough to get a top 300 finisher's Medal. Hoping to improve on for the next Races.

Some of the Cons were lack of Photographers, On the past 3 races I participated in, there was only 1 hobbyist/ photographer taking the shots and he is also a runner (and not an official Photographer) . So you really can't demand having your photo taken because what he was doing was a labor of love. I hope this is something the organizers can improve on next time. Another one they said was the lack of hydration and the 20k route (which did not concern me due to the fact that I had my hydration belt and was running 10k).

Overall, those cons were forgivable, since this was for a legit, noble cause. And the organizers were honest on admitting their mistakes and improving the next time around.Good luck on our athletic masters this coming June.

By the end of the race, I was able to cop a "Run with the master's" Shorts. A nice way to compliment one of the best singlets so far.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Good Running


First, I had small expectiations for this race, from the overly pixelated singlet, to negative news coming from different forums. It seems like there was nothing new or different even with the price of P600. Gladly I was proven wrong.

Raceday, there was a moderate crowd for the race, But I'm surprised that it was far less than the yakult run. Hydration was ok. It was the same route as run united 1 and km markers were a plenty. Due to being more prepared this time around, I managed to get a new PR at 28:53 good for 77th place out of 714 participants. There were also a lot of celebrities in the race.

After the race, Lots of freebies were given plus free medical (blood sugar tests are fail though since it requires fasting.) Lines are still aplenty but not as bad as it was back in Run United 1.

It was the absence of pics that dissapointed me. There were a lot of Photographers in the event but only one managed to post pics. I was surprised that the site at bazu did not even show the pics unlike the races held by the same organizer (which not only had a fast time uploading the results but the pics as well). Sorry but if you have a high priced and well sponsored race, at the very least try to give the same quality as the previous races.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thank You Edge!

Rated R Superstar
On this day, you saw clearly... Everything that came to life...A bitter place, in a broken dream.
And you left it all behind.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Review: Converse Weapon Evo

1984, After the NBA Finals where the Celtics Beat the Lakers, Larry Bird finally got his revenge from then bitter rival Magic Johnson. Flashback 5 Years Earlier, Magic's Michigan State Spartans Defeated the then perfect Indiana State Sycamores. The 2 obviously did not like each other and were anointed as the most bitter of Rivals since day one. But somewhere along the way, something changed.


During The Taping of this Converse weapon commercial, the 2 finally got together at Larry's home. Bird, who refused to film the commercial anywhere but his hometown of French Lick, Indiana. Bird's Mom who was a Magic fan Invited him for a meal and that's when the 2 legendary rivals learned that they are more of the same. The intensity and dislike of the 2 heated rivals became mutual respect and eventually Friendship.


Fast forward 25 years Later, The Weapon, Now being one of the most Iconic shoes of the brand next to the chucks, Now being popular as a Lifestyle and Skateboading Shoe. The team at Converse has decided to do a modern version of the weapon, keeping the classic feel but upping the performance for today's game.