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Review: Paul Pierce Adidas Jersey


First of all, I would like to state that, Replicas are not Fakes!. Replicas are one of the 3 jersey lines that Adidas/Reebok refer to their NBA Jerseys. The other two being Swingman and Authentic. Replicas are characterized by Rubber prints over the jerseys and were usually made by air cool mesh until the revo 30 era (SRP $49.99). Swingman on the other hand have cut outs for script fonts and numbers and have the details screen printed on these cut outs (SRP $79.99)and Finaly, Authentics are the exact same ones seen on the court, worn by NBA players themselves (SRP $299.99).


With that on the way, I now show you the Paul Pierce Adidas Replica Jersey.


With the average Filipino salary at 6-7,000php (120 US$) it is obvious that even the most basketball diehard middle class citizens are unable to settle for Authentic or Swingman Jerseys. That is why most officially released jerseys on local Adidas outlet stores replica. With then, it is still expensive for some and because of that, most of them resort to bootleg china made NBA jerseys branded as "Von Dutch" or "BTV Hardwood Classics" sold for 350 to 500 pesos (7 to 10 US$) at 168, Tutuban, greenhills and other bootleg hubs, Those are the Real Fakes.


The Jersey was released August of 2011 along with BG and Stat.


Ever since the brand introduced its revo 30 release for authentic and swingman, it has also changed how it released its replica jerseys. The ugly air cool mesh seen since the days when Champion was still the outfitter are now gone. It is now replaced by a climacool type of mesh.  The rubber print is now Vinyl laser cut instead of the old Rubber printing. This gives the jersey a sturdier base for its print to hold on to and enables the print to last longer.

The Pic below compares the old Reebok replica PP34 jersey to its new counterpart.


Furthermore, the neck tag which sometimes causes itching at the nape area is replaced by a tag embedded at the collar area. This also holds true for its swingman and replica counterparts.


A good buy since orig NBA jerseys are scarce here, unless you consider the underground market.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Camp Run 2

24/365 Camp Run

I was a bit hesitant on attending this race, because the day before, I had a really high fever and was overstressed to boot. It's a good thing the race was a bit late at 7:00am. This allowed me to get more rest and helped the fever subside even by a little bit.

I arrived at the scene 45 minutes earlier, there was a big delegation by the military. Too bad there were just a few civilian runners for this race, but the mood was festive and happy enough. Soldiers aged 39 and below went for the 10 while those above 39 went for the 5k. As for me, looking for a light run before next week's half marathon, went for the 5k.

Going on my first 100 meters, I was surprised to be at first place following only the pacer vehicle. Of course the soldiers would eventually catch up to me after their bottleneck at the starting line and I'd register my worst 5k time due to racing while nursing a fever. But that first hundred meters of being first in the race was something to remember.

As for the race itself, Camp Aguinaldo was really nice and great for training / running. No bystanters, vehicles and it really felt secure. Though it was heavy on short hills and had 2 obstacles (tire relay and net at the front of the finish line).

In the end, there was aplenty of stuff at the loot bag and I managed to get a camp run 1 shirt for only a hundred bucks.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Run United 3 Experience

13/365 RU3

I entered the race late, just when the 15k runners were about to start, when I called my colleagues, they were already at the CCP. By km 3 I was able to catch the end of the 21k pack. After passing a few more runners, I finally caught a glimpse of my buddies at the Roxas boulevard area, just after the U turn near macapagal, but then again  the head start was already too far. There was plenty of hydration in this race except for the last 2 kilometers, where the heat was really unbearable. I got cramps at the last 500 meters of the race, with so many people egging me to go, I sucked up the pain and had a strong finish, but was grimacing in cramps after crossing the finish line. 

In the end, my chip time produced another 21k PR.  I finally completed the Runrio trilogy, though too bad that my RU1 was at the 5k distance. Looking forward to my next half marathon this coming  December 4 at the Animo Run.

9/365 trilogy complete

30 Days of Danbo: Day 22: Danbo Cycling


Danbo loves to bike!

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UNC, Michigan Digicamo Jerseys

Jordan brand and UNC made a tribute last Nov 11 Veteran's day with these fresh looking jerseys incorporated with sublimated digital camo pattern for their Carrier Classic game. 

Michigan and sister brand Nike, Not to be outdone, also made their own.



They have accompanying kicks too.



Source: Freshnessmag.com

30 days of Danbo: 14/365 Danbo United


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30 days of danbo 13/365: It's Rainy outside

30 Days of Danboard 12/30: Danbo Industria

Pacman Military Hoodie

Just in time to shut up Marquez for good, a fresh Military style hoodie by Nike

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Bakit Bawal?

Here are some of the places I have been to and was able to shoot freely.

times square at night


Sagat's Stage in Streetfighter 2

er tou long

Then this place wants to charge for a fee.

Nationalism under construction


Figure Fridays Feat: Eleven

Technically not a figure but since this is an unusual date,


30 Days of Danboard 11/30

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30 Days of Danboard 9/30: Have an Effin Break

Have an Effin Break

I love Green Tea!

I got this green tea flavored Kit Kat back at Narita Airport in Chiba.

Review: Rukawa Kaede by Chaoer

Rukawa Kaede

Today we review a Kaede Rukawa figure made by Chaoercomics. This figure has been popping out to various stores and conventions in the metro.

Which brings us to the mystery, what is Chaoercomics? This 3rd party company has been producing numerous Slam Dunk figures, from the mini SD figures, to the SD figures from other teams. I've googled Chaoercomics and it seems they also have their own figure lineup for several anime titles. The question is, are they licensed? If they are not, these figures should be placed under the unlicensed 3rd party producers who have their own mold (Fansproject for TF Toys, G System for Gundam Models).

The figure has a good balance with the stand. Rukawa's Air Jordans clip well towards the base. It doesn't tumble down and I don't see that it will have the bending issue on most Mcfarlane basketball figures.


The figure has an original mold, quite detailed. Details and tendons can be easily seen and it contains an original pose.


As for the colors, there are some discrepancies for paint that run from the facial details, particularly the eyes. another annoying part is the inaccurate script font at the chest of the jersey. Jersey trimmings are also poorly painted.Another issue is the crappy fonts on the jersey. Also, as you can see on the first pic, where the figure is with an original TK Holdings Sakuragi Hanamichi, TK Holdings figures do apply detailed shadings and painjob all over the jersey. Chaoercomics' Rukawa did not even bother to paint over the red colored vinyl.

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30 days of Danboard 8/30 End of the Line.

End of the line.

Danbo gets blocked by the fence

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30 days of Danboard 7/30 Presidential Danbo

Presidential Danbo

Danbo, Pick that up!

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