Friday, September 26, 2008

Hajime No Ippo Returns in 2009!



Hajime no Ippo is one of the best sports related anime series that is ever created. IMO it would rank second to Slam Dunk. Weekly shounen magazine said that the series would resume next year. Though no other details were given.


Now, If only Dr. T would get inspired once again to start SlamDunk2

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yeng Appointed RP Team Coach (Toroman next?)


Yeng Guiao was appointed as the head coach for the 2009 Fiba Asia seniors national team. The announcement was made early this afternoon by commissioner Sonny Barrios.

The Jet Li lookalike coach come politician is known for bringing out the best in no name players, RP Hoops Fans cannot wait for his choices in the national squad.

Here's Hoping that the program and training can run smoothly and politicians from the other camp will shut up and leave the game alone forever.

On other stories, it seems like former Iran national team coach Rajko Toroman is most likely to be the coach of the developmental team that will compete for the 2011 Fiba Asia and hopefully the bad logo 2012 Olympics. With the current issues regarding the coaching staff of the youth team, it is better to have a foreigner who will handle the team. And please BCAP, for once shut up.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Artwork of the Week: K-Will

Customized Mcfarlane Sportspick - Kelly Williams #9 Team Pilipinas
(from TMAC version 3 base figure)

This is the first time I customized an sportspick figure. I saw a lot of customizers do renditions with their sports picks figures for players or variant uniforms that havent been done as of yet. But I havent seen anyone do local (PBA) Players. I've been doing model kits before but this seemed to be a whole new ballgame. I Re sculpted the face and did the decals. The base was also re designed and the Jersey was repainted in the proper colors.

Kelly Williams




Help Destroy the BAP

We know Philippine Politics is one of the crappiest things in the world. Its like a demon with 9 heads. When you cut one off, there are still 8 that are remaining. And the head you eventually Cut back will grow back anyway. It is a never ending saga of corruption and evil.

In its culture of mass bribery, traitors and defectors fueled by Guns, Goons and Gold. Even with the mass protests, people power revolutions and political assassinations. Things still do not change. Thus, it is not a guarantee that things as light as Online petitions would even guarantee a chink in BAP's satanic armor.

But if you are still pissed with them and want to do something against the taiwanese spy and pechay, you can sign this petition.

Monday, September 15, 2008

TDK Spoof Scene in tagalog

The Interrogation scene in The Dark Knight that was shown in youtube was re-dubbed in Tagalog.

Take a look at it!

Man Man - Batman
Ruri Man - Joker

Hang Man

Berenguer Man

Pocholo Man

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

2008: Year of the bad Logos?

After seeing the Really, really bad 2012 olympics logo, another one pops in
First is the 2012 Olympics logo. It is sad that the organizing comitee is standing by the decision on the 400,000 lbs they wasted on this logo.

Next is the New OKC Thunders Logo.
not as bad as the 2012 olympics logo but still bad.

It looks like a re edited NJ Nets logo. And where is the Thunder? a big downgrade from the Seattle Supersonics logo. It is also too generic,

It also looks like more of a secondary logo than a primary one.

What is the world coming to? Sports in general needs more good graphic artists. Sports officials on the other hand need a lecture on marketing.

But wait!
Photobucket Photobucket

On the other hand, the New T-Wolves logo looks good. Their secondary logo is a combination of the past 2 logos they had. The main logo had more shadings as well.

Monday, September 8, 2008

wrong move.

It seems like Nike is fighting back against Adidas in the UAAP wars.

Since Adidas had a lot to offer in showing the UAAP department, Showing with merchandise, game jackets, track jackets and jerseys to offer to the fans of ADMU and DLSU. From billboards to print ads to Gilbert Arenas showing up with this two teams. With all the support and hype surrounding the Three striped brand nowadays, it was then time for the swoosh to fight back. Then they did, with displays of jerseys of their sponsored collegiate teams, UE and FEU complete with custom made hyperdunks. Pretty impressive stuff that are not for sale.

However, as with Nike Phil's Marketing flaw, they show a lot of high demand stuff, and never sell it. In fairness, they did sell very limited Team Pilipinas gears last fiba asia 2007 and Team USA gears last olympic games. And yes, that air force 1 RP edition wasn't seen anywhere on their stores. Selling limited edition stuff makes collectors happy and the general public crying and bugging those who have acquired the same items.

When will nike phils. learn?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bday 08 Wishlist


1. Boston Celtics Adidas Game jacket - When will Adidas Philippines release more good quality NBA merchandise in the Philippines? All they bring here are those replica jerseys. UAAP fans are really lucky they can get their gear at adidas. But what about us?


2. 1:100 Gundam Dynames - I always forget to buy this one. I saw it in akihabara for half the price and forgot to get it. I saw it again for sale in various local conventions and still forgot to buy it. I hope to get it again or someone finally buys it for me.


3. Transformers Binaltech/ Alternators Wheeljack - Two words, Freakin Rare.


4. Mac book - My old trusty laptop has served me well but then again with its speed and capacity, it takes me too long to finish work for our clients. A task, design which can be finished in 30-40 minutes takes hours for my old computer. I need a new notebook


5. 120 gb external Hard drive - I need this for storage of my old files


6. Munny - With my airbrush back, I want to try the artsy vynil toy department. What better way to start than with a munny.


7. Skull Candy Earphone - My Mp3 player's earphone broke down.... I need a new one. Not necessarilly a skull candy although that would be much appreciated.


8. Sony Ericsson W902 - I need a Phone, My old phone is starting to break down. Not necessarily this phone, But this will be appreciated.

Bday Wishlist07' 3 out of 7 Acquired
Xmas Wishlist 08' 3 out of 4 Acquired