Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nike X Transformers ROTF

Last week in NYC, while looking for kicks, I came across several tf inspired nike products.

Nike and Transformers had always been in collab since the first film with the nikefree Prime and Megatron as well as the G1 Inspired shoe designs of soundwave, bumblebee etc. This time, they released the ROTF line.

Here is the Nike Dunk X Optimus Prime I saw displayed in various footlocker and footaction stores, One of the 3 Rotf Collaboration shoes (with Bumblebee Air Max 95 and Megatron CB34). The designs are of acquired taste, however the sizes are for kids/ women only. Sad but that's how Nike has been even in their p2 designs.

The Shoes are not the only ones with the transformers collab, There are also accompaniying shirts. Pics here taken from Niketown Trump Tower. Sadly, like the shoes, they also come in Kids sizes.

Optimus Prime

Megatron (But the design looks a lot made for starscream)

Overall, its nice to see nike is doing crossover products and this time at a non limited edition price. Too bad its only kids sizes, but its good for collectors and sneakerheads alike.

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