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Rescue Run Registration




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NBA forever

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Boston Big 3: The last stand?


Following the emotional high of the Celtics' deep 2002 playoff run the atmosphere in the air was festive, Basketball is now back in Boston. After years of tragedies, frustration and people "not walking through that door" The C's found themselves at a place they used to be familiar with, title contention. And while the series against the future Brooklyn Nets was lost 4-2, there is an uplifting tone that this team can finally be brought back to the glory days.

Eventually, a new guy was bought at the helm. Former Celtic Danny Ainge, the perennial shooting guard from the 80's who also had duels with MJ back in 92' and 93'. Ainge was known for bold moves which acquired criticisms for the team's hardcore fans.

The early years' results were then disastrous. The Celtics flirted with mediocrity, followed with consecutive eliminations from  the Pacers and Nets before plunging to the lottery and eventually, the deeper part of the lottery. It was such a decline, conference finals elimination, conference semifinals elimination, first round elimination, lottery and climaxed at the second worst record in franchise history.

Since the C's became a 1 superstar team, top notch free agents didn't want to sign with our team. Because of that, we were hoping that a draft pick can help us, Danny did that, but his luck at odds were at 50-50 some of the names drafted/ traded by Ainge in the pre-big 3 era were Al Jefferson, Gerald Green, Rajon Rondo, Delonte West, Orien, Greene, Tony Allen, Leon Powe etc.. . A bunch of guys became solid contributors, the others went to international leagues. Good thing that Ainge was able to "harvest" some of those stars and turn them to the big 3.

Why am I saying this? That long frustrating wait might be a reality come next season.

The Big 3 era was fun while it lasted. 2 conference semifinals appearance, 1 miraculous yet stalled playoff run, and a dream championship turnaround season. In the Philippines, where most fans are obviously just in for the bandwagon, this finally led to some.. C's merchandise. Last time I saw them was as a kid in the 80s and it was fun seeing people in C's jerseys while commuting around the metro.

The sneaker game also went so well for the C's. Sneaker companies began producing kicks with Celtics colorways. We did not have to rely on the Truth's kids exclusive sneakers (dumb move). Even brands without endorsements from major C's stars were shelling out their colorways.

This is probably the last stand the 2nd Big 3 era will have as the main protagonists. I kinda want them to remain here next season, for significantly less but still making way for the team to sign some big names at the free agent market. That's how the Celtics teams of old conduct their business, slowly transition aging starsto veteran leaders and guide the young stars for them to lead the team. But times today are so much different from when Red handled the helm.

The future might be as bright as it is dark. The C's will finally have money to attract big names and free agents, but will they agree to sign in Boston? players now are all about, going to the big markets, weather and hanging out with their friends. Supposed the C's were unable to grab big names next offseason, history might repeat itself moving forth. As sad as it may be, to contend at present, you'll need a "super team".

All facets considered, how will this last stand shape out?

Today is the start of a brand new 66 game season, while getting off in the wrong foot. An injured captain with his backup out for the season. Bandwagon columnists are predicting them below the 4th seed. The season is still long, and trigger happy trader Danny Ainge wouldn't stop by a second to make a critical deal done. Anything can still happen. 

Hey, before playoff time, no one gave the Mavs a chance last year.

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Merry Christmas

51/365 Merry Christmas!

In behalf of I'm Walking Alone, we would like to greet you a merry, merry christmas!

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Review: Converse Defcon


The Converse Defcon is the main line for Cons' 2011-12 basketball campaign. Last year's campaign which consisted of the Sicks Mid and Star Player EVO, launched at the 2010 world basketball festival was mildly successful at best. Mainly through the efforts of JJ Barea's finals run. This year, the brand would try to make another bid at the shoe game with the Pro Leather 2k11 and their flagship model for this year, the Defcon.

46/365 The Defcon

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Rescue Run (Race for Sendong)

This is the Last and probably the most significant race of the year 2011! Greentennial Run is hosting a RESCUE RUN! A community race for Sendong Victims on December 31, 2011!


Rescue Run 2011 (Race for Sendong)
December 31, 2011 @ 5:30AM
McKinley Hills
  Greentennial Run (BEST EFFORT in 9 Days)

Registration Fee:
Donation Only! – P150 Minimum
NO Freebies, NO Timing Chip, NO Singlet

Registration Venue: (starting December 26, 2011)

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Review: Adidas Promodel Zero


The Adidas pro model has been one of the staple models for the brand's performance basketball line. Through the years, it has had its own shares of upgrades, updates and add-ons.  This year, the promodel gets a makeover with the new lightweight adizero technology with the Pro Model Zero.


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Blue Vs. Green Dream Game

This is a great post finals treat of the PBA. Will this be as tense and emotional as the collegiate games?


La Salle Green Archers:

Joseph Yeo(Petron)
Carlo Sharma (Petron)
Mac Cardona (Meralco)
Willy Wilson(Barangay Ginebra)
Mike Cortez(Barangay Ginebra)
Rico Maierhofer (Barangay Ginebra)
Renren Ritualo(Shopinas)
Brian Ilad (Shopinas)
TY Tang (Rain or Shine)
Ryan AraƱa (Rain or Shine)
Jerwin Gaco (B-Meg)
JV Casio (Powerade)
Don Allado (Barako Bull)

Ateneo Blue Eagles:

Rabeh Al-Hussaini (Petron)
Nonoy Baclao (Petron)
Rico Villanueva (Barangay Ginebra)
JC Intal (Barangay Ginebra)
Larry Fonacier, Rich Alvarez
Japeth Aguilar (Talk ‘N Text)
Magnum Membrere (Talk ‘N Text)
LA Tenorio(Alaska)
Paolo Bugia (Alaska)
Wesley Gonzales (Alaska)
Eric Salamat (Alaska)
Doug Kramer (Powerade)

Tickets are available at Ticketnet =)

Patron A php1,200
Patron B php1,000
Lower box A php1,000
Patron C php750
Lower Box B php750
Lower box C php750
Upper A php350
Upper B php200
Gen Ad php50

Ways to help sendong victims


Department of Social Welfare and Development
DSWD welcomes volunteers. Inquire at the following DSWD offices:
DSWD National Resource Operation Center
NAIA Chapel Road, Pasay City (beside Airport Police Department and back of Air Transportation Office)
Tel. Nos.: (02) 852-8081, (02) 851-2681
Mobile No.: (0918) 930-2356
DSWD Field Office 10
Masterson Avenue, Upper Carmen
Cagayan de Oro City
Tel. Nos. (088) 858-8134, (088) 858-6333
Mobile No. (0906) 615-0095 c/o Manny Borres
DSWD also accepts cash donations at these bank accounts:
Land Bank of the Philippines
Peso: DSWD Donation - 3122-1011-84
Dollar: DSWD Donation - 3124-0055-81
Donations may also be sent via GCash. Text DONATEAMOUNTMPINDSWD and send to 2882. Example: DONATE 1000 1234 DSWD

Alagang Kapatid Foundation
TV5's Alagang Kapatid Foundation Inc. accepts cash donations  through its bank accounts:
Peso: 005310-410164
Peso: 1443-05333-2
Donations in kind may be sent to News5 Aksyon Center, TV5 office in San Bartlolome, Novaliches, Quezon City.
For more info, please call (02) 938-6393.
RockEd Philippines
Donations to Rock Ed Philippines' potable water fund for Cagayan de Oro may be deposited to the following bank account:
Peso: 3080-0073-44
Branch: Loyola Heights
Tulong Kabataan
The volunteer and relief network of the National Union of Students of the Philippines and other youth organizations accepts relief goods:
No. 89 K-7 Street, Kamias, Quezon City
Mobile No.: (0926) 170-3655 c/o Vanessa; (0947) 316-8407 c/o Rainier; and (0932) 401-5588 c/o Athena
Cash donations may also be deposited to following bank account under the National Union of Students of the Philippines - Head Office, Inc.:
Peso: 107-248551-3
Branch: Quezon Avenue
More info at the NUSP website.

Monday, December 19, 2011

The one chance in hell: Powerade Tigers!

El Granada Photo by: Nuki Sabio, Editing by yours truly.

I have been supporting the Powerade Tigers since they were still known as Swift Mighty Meaties, but this game is the best I've ever seen them perform. And that is not an exaggeration.

Yes I have seen them all. Tony Harris' 105 point explosion, the 1995 near grandslam run, going at the bottom for the mid 90s, having a brief run at the battle for thirds in 98', languishing again in 99-2000 before finally capping off with semifinal appearances in 01' . The year after that, they were acquired by the SMC and won some titles, including one on Christmas day of 2002 and then went to mediocrity the later half of the decade.

A year and a half ago, the team was renamed as the Powerade Tigers. It was a though welcome for the new look squad. The team went to a bad stretch in the all Filipino cup, losing their last 7 games and extending their losing streak through the commissioner's cup (A total of five months). A heartbreaking missed buzzer beater against Gilas ended the Tiger's chance for a playoff in the commissioner's cup. The Tigers performed well in the governor's cup, but was ousted due to quotient.

Watching last year's Powerade Tigers was tough. Watching them live was even tougher.

I remember rushing in if they are slated in the first game of a doubleheader, going to the Big Dome's restroom to change and wear my Powerade Jersey as I enter the lower box and cheer for them the whole game duration only to come up short, ending in a sorry loss. While exiting the halls of Araneta,  I remove the jersey and change back regular clothing to avoid ridicule and confrontation. Some PBA fans are tough, overly emotional and sometimes, can be tactless and rowdy.And yes, most of the games I watched then were losses.

Luckily, the team was able to get a set of fangs in the draft. with Marcio Lasiter and JV Casio, Powerade fans were jubilant. Then again, outside the Powerade fandom, no one gave this team a chance. Season previews placed the team in 7th or 8th. As the season started, the team was at .500 at best. With their top prized #1 pick and top play maker out for the first few games,  they struggled the rest of the games, but recovered in the last 4 to cement their mark at the 8th spot.

Come Playoff time they are now placed against B-Meg Llamados. No one outside of the "Katigre Pack" gave them a chance. Some "Experts" even made insulting and demoralizing statements towards the team. The Llamados were on an 8 game roll, but the Tigers were also on a "Mini Momentum" of their own, winning 4 of their last 5.The first game caught the Llamados off guard via a big win.

The real story of this underdog upset was Game 2, particularly the third quarter.With Casio down due a sprained ankle and Celino Cruz being ejected off a scuffle. Powerade was down big, their 2 point guards out within a 10 second span. But the mark of a true hero is when your back is against the wall, then the stars shine the brightest. Gary David played like a man possessed firing three after three, burning the net with ease. And the rest as they say, was history.

One can say there are other better performances in the league's rich history, actually there are a lot. But this story, from the frustrating buildup, down to the game 2's dire circumstances made this extra special.

El Granada was one of those stars who was always at the back, the one who always gets the short end of the stick. Kinda reminds me of today's Monta Ellis or a Pre-Big 3 Paul Pierce. Always snubbed, looked down and ridiculed for being a great player in a weak team. But once given the chance, would let all of the years of built up frustration out. That was him last night, playing like a man possessed. Other team's fans may find this reaction arrogant and wild, but those guys have probably supported teams that were always on top. Sometimes, looking from outside in, tells you the true value and importance of a victory.

Don't get me wrong, B-Meg is my (far) second favorite team in the league and I know they've prepared and played their hearts out. Calling this a fluke, or overconfidence for B-Meg is a joke.

So after this epic win, what now?

Most underdog stories end their Cinderella run after beating the strongest foe in the tournament, sometimes they go further but they just run out of gas. History has shown that. Shell blew out Ginebra in 99' after they defeated Mobiline. The 2011 Memphis Grizzlies ran out of gas with a 7 game series against the Thunder.  The 2007 Warriors was defeated by the Jazz in 5, same with the 94' Nuggets and 99' Knicks. Heck, even television and movie stories don't help, Shohoku was blown out of inter high contention by Aiwa after giving it their all in beating the national champions Sannoh.

But every team is different. If there's one team that can do that, it is the Tigers. This team is made to change history. I'm not guaranteeing a win or a loss in the next series (that was a moral lesson we learned from a certain "Someone") What I can say is that, when the tigers smell blood, they will fight to the end.


Yes, There is a chance in hell.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Former WWE Stars return to Manila! WWFX Champions Showcase Tour


Check out their FB Page!

I heard this from the PTK forums and FB. Wrestling superstars finally going to manila after 3 years. Most of them have performed in Manila in previous events such as the 06' RAW Live tour (Chris Masters, Carlito, Shelton Benjamin) 06' Smackdown Survivor Series tour (Ken Anderson, Shane Helms, Jimmy Wang Yang) and 95' WWF Mayhem in Manila (Billy Gunn) but there will also be other stars who will be coming here for the first time (Jillian Hall, Rhyno).

If the WWE is not coming here in the foreseeable future, might as well watch this.The Philippines needs its dose of live pro wrestling action. Hopefully they would have lots of fan interactions.

Friday, December 16, 2011

New NBA Mcfarlane 3 packs

Mcfarlane has some upcoming 3 packs for the Knicks, Mavericks and Celtics


The Knicks' lineup include Chauncey Billups, Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudamire, Donning their throwback jerseys. Now that Mr. Big Shot is with the LAC, I wonder if they'll replace him with another player.


For Dallas it's Jason Terry, Dirk Nowitzki  and  Jason Kidd (in Tmac's old sculpt)  with their Road uniforms plus finals patch. Larry O'brien trophy included.


For Boston it's Pierce,Garnett and Rondo. Pierce's figure is exactly the same as the regular 2nd edition figure except for the white headband. I just wish they made it either the St Patrick's Alternate, the Retro or the Alternate road Jerseys.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Asian Rugby (U20s) Division 2 Championships


Support our Junior National Rugby team as they battle teams from Korea, Taipei and Malaysia at Rizal Memorial Staduim

Admission is free!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Review: Converse Pro Leather 2k11 Dr.J

32/365 Dr.J

The Converse Pro Leather 2k11 is one of two entries of the brand for the upcoming 2011-12 NBA Season, the other being the Converse Def Con. The 2k11 is highly inspired from one of Converse's pioneer endorsers, Dr. J Julius Erving. This is a good move for the brand to compensate for the lack of big names. Lately, Mavericks guard JJ Barea was spotted sporting one during his stint at the Pan Am games with the Puerto Rican national team. 



The Shoe was launched last November 3 at the Cedar lake studios, NYC. The event was attended by  the Design team and some of the players of Team Converse.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Larry Legend in Eastwood

Eastwood Citiwalk's sports area (where most sporting apparel outlet stores are located) has a mini Hall of fame. No, this isn't the one where local showbiz personalities have their names on the floor. The list also include/ feature other sporting greats such as AI, Michael Jordan, Tom Brady as well as Filipino sporting heroes.Drop by at the second floor of City walk 2 for more info.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Epic epitome of manliness

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

nt@ 12

NT 2012 Anniversary at Robot this Saturday.

Over a hundred prizes to be raffled away, including a size 9.5 Adidas superstar signed by Run DMC and a pair of Air Jordan 11 Concords courtesy of Titan.

Monday, December 5, 2011


30/365 9thanimorun
As much as I don't want to bash my Alma Mater's running club, what they did was unacceptable.This was my 24th and final run of the year, and sadly, had the worst on the race support and assistance side.

First of all there were barely, to no hydration at all. This is because there are only 3 hydration stations at the whole route and "barely" because by the time you passed them, there were no more water/ rockstar energy drink to serve you.

Second is the late start of the race, they can't even determine which site the runners might start.

Third and the worst is the sharing of the route with the red cross event. While they gave us a small space to pass through, it was still blocked by thousands of their runners/ walkers. You literally have to pass shove and part thousands of them just to get across

What's worse is after making a U-Turn at Luneta, the red cross run had started. crowded by those thousands, Walking! and stopping and shouting upon the sight of their Jeje-celebrity idols.

Fourth is having zero marshals to the race. The marshals that were guiding us were from the red cross run

Luckily, there were some bright points

The finisher's medal was big, there was an unannounced finisher's shirt, which was a good surprise. There was still no water at the event area but there were overflowing milk and yogurt.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Review: Accel RN Pursue

Today we review Filipino brand Accel's entry to the newly competitive running shoe market. The brand has gone a long way since producing those Mighty Kid sneakers back in the 80's. Now, they have produced running gear in PHL inspired colors, how did it bode out? full review after the jump.