Monday, August 8, 2016

Milo Marathon


The Milo Marathon was one of the races I initially tried to avoid in my early running years due to the strict cutoff times/ time limit, participant volume (starting line queue counting against the time limit) and road closures (traffic going to venue). But those are just manifestations on how prestigious the event really is. Everyone is out to prove his or herself to the point that they are risking their lives (hence medical certificates / clearances are now a requirement for registration). But then again it is every filipino runner's dream to go and participate in this event. I went to the 10k category where there is a friendlier cutoff time. But the tension was still there as participants are lobbying for nearer starting positions and cramping at the starting area (the collected body heat makes you dehydrated even from the start). The thought of cutoff gives additional anxiety and pressure to push further even though you already know that you were on pace to make it. A lot of runners are serious and not taking selfies on the road. In the end I made it through the cutoff with a lot of time to spare and was so happy to finally join the most prestigious running event in the country. It was a 10k run that felt like a 21k run and I treated it as such (preparation, pacing and even soreness wise).