Sunday, October 28, 2007

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Monday, October 8, 2007

On a Sporty Sunday

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First, Like any other pinoy, I went to watch the Pacman-Barerra 2 fight at the Cinemas, it was the first time I got to watched a boxing PPV Live on the cinemas. As the other people told me, the experience was worth it. It was like watching live. There were round girls and even rexona's male cheereaders which has a funny and entertaining performance. The undercard was okay though. The atmosphere was exiting and it's like watching it live.

When Kyla said she would sing the national anthem the traditional way, as a march, I initially thought it was going to be less dramatic and a bit disappointing. But what turned out was exactly the opposite, with all the "kaartehan" removed, the song turned out to be more simple, effective and turned out to be one of the best renditions of lupang hinirang in recent memory.

As for the Fight, It was a good victory for us, But the fight ain't so. Barrera just backed off the whole 12 rounds, so he can prove to everyone that he can last 12 rounds with Manny. So he ran and backed off just to last the whole fight,preserve his legacy and get his paycheck. Sadly, he just "Jobbed" for the money and did not fight to win. And to come out with a dirty blow in the 11th round. Well Erik morales may be knocked out in the 3rd round, but at least he's more of a man than Barrera.

After that, we went into the GameX Convention in Megatrade 3, the convention was a bit small but okay nonetheless. Lots of decent cosplayers and old school videogames as well as previews from the next-gen consoles. The event is head and shoulders above PC and online gaming conventions.

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Later at night, I was able to catch the replay of NBA Euro live game between the Celtics and the Raptors. Damn, these Euro live jerseys are sweet. The Italian flag was incorporated into the Celts' jerseys are sweet! That made it look a little christmas-esque, but sweet. They wore their alternate jerseys (the best looking jerseys in the league for me) maybe because the original home and away jerseys were to sacred to be redesigned with. They one 89-85, some of the things I noticed:

The team's supposed "weak spots" at the PG and C position were met up as Rondo and Perk rose up to the occasion. Rondo showed he can handle the pg slot, but would need a good veteran back up at the point at the stretch of the season. Eddie House can handle but hes more of an off guard. Perk is capable of handling the middle, Although Pollard's not here, KG can also switch to 5. And oh yeah speaking of big men, Glen "Big Baby" Davis was a great find. Danny really has talent for finding people in the 2nd round and turning them to all rookie second team potential.

Garnett was everywhere, As expected. Pierce was a bit slow at first but showed why he is the cornerstone of this team.

Tony Allen showed some flashes of explosiveness and flare, but paid dearly for it. He went to dunk in the 3rd and it paid with a lot of pain. Its still going to take time before he goes back at 100%. Hopefully, we get the old Tony back as he is crucial for the Celts, and my fantasy team's run.

Celt's dancers are good but they were sadly outclassed by the Raptor's cheerleaders.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Philippine Inspired Jackets

There is now a part 2 of this feature, click Here.

Note to everyone: Please do not ask me anymore about the availability of the said jackets. They have been sold out a long time ago and another production is highly impossible. If you are really desperate then there are some online sellers which sell them for 2-4 times the original cost in ebay.

Also, If you saw my pics below being used in selling sites such as ebay or sulit, then the seller is using my pics without permission, Also be careful because the adidas philippine jacket has a lot of fakes being sold on the net. The fakes has a white tag with an "adidas performance logo" as opposed to the original one which has a black tag with the "Adidas originals trefoil logo" and usually sold for around 3,000 php.

There will be a part 2 of this article coming very soon. Featuring another batch of RP inspired jackets. Most likely in late 2008.

Finally, After months of waiting I was finally able to grab hold of the Adidas Philippines jacket. It came out about 2 weeks ago. And I got it a few days after its release, thanks to the nice people at Adidas. As of press time only very few stocks are left and most likely is sold out.

Anyways, here's a mini review of the 3 RP Inspired jackets that I got.

Nike Team Pilipinas Jacket

Nike Team Pilipinas Jacket

This was the jacket used by Team Pilipinas on their heartbreaking campaign on the Fiba Asia championships. It was deemed as limited edition and within less than a week, got sold out on several outlets. The only ones remaining in stock from this collection were the "believer" shirts and some XXL sized shorts. There are still overpriced ones available on Ebay.

Design is pretty much basic and similar with TP's Royal blue jersey highlighted by white accents and minimal red ones. TP's Flag crest shield is on the right side, the flag shield has been used by The old National teams from the 40's to the 60's when the country was on its glory days. A white swoosh mark on the left side. Simple Pilipinas Basketball serif at the back. Retailed for around 2k.

Adidas Philippines Track Jacket

Adidas Flag Jacket

This is not worn by any national team or used in an international competition since the Flag track top series of Adidas originals was supposed to be a tribute to countries who have a rich tradition of football. Though that sport is not even close to popular in this country, unless you're part of some club or living in Bacolod.

The design is great! it shows the Philippine flag in front with the sun-face probably inspired by the old revolutionary flags. A small Football is seen in the lower right area with the PH sign. At the back, it shows the crest flag with a ball looking like a Sepak takraw/ Sipa which probably pays homage to our national sport. One thing wrong here though is that According to Article RA 8491, Section 10 of the constitution; when the flag is raised vertically the blue should be on the left. This was because Blue, signifying peace should be closer to our hearts. But this one had the red on the left side and blue on the right. I wished the design team researched a little more before deciding on the final design. Fabric is thick and retails for P4.6k and 85$ US

Accel 2005 Sea Games Team Philippines Jacket

Accel Phils 2005 Team Philippines jacket

This one was worn by the Philippine Contingent in the 2005 sea games where they bagged the overall title for the first time in Seag history. As expected from accel designs, they turn out to be plain and simple. But what's disappointing on this one is that there are no RP flags visible on the design. There is a big Philippines text on the back but the embroidery is not that good. The red blue design on the side looks good. This was the cheapest among the 3 at a little over 1k. Cloth is made of nylon and lightweight material.

2009 UPDATE!
There is now a part 2 of this feature,
Click Here to view the part 2 of this article.
Includes 3 new RP inspired jackets