Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hosting the 08 toycon, I made a personal decision not to enter the contests for delicadeza purposes. That includes 2 of my favorite events, the diorama competition and the toy clicks competition. The diorama competition was special to me since I had victories on it the past 3 years and bagging first on the past 2 stages. However as time and priorites go to Jobs, less time then is alotted for hobbies. Building a diorama is so time consuming, the past 2 dios I have entered costs thousands of pesos and took more months to build. As for the Photography competition, I wanted to join as well. Even though my entry did not win the past year, it received a lot of praise and reviews. Also, making a photography entry takes lesser time, around just a few hours at the most.

I was lucky that I spotted another Photography competition. Cybertron Ph's Animated me Photography competition. I really found this challenging since it contains a theme and restrictions to be followed. such as the theme animated me and the non use of photogenic lines such as MPs and Alternators/ Binaltech (80% of my TF's are Alternators and Binatechs). Thus making the photographer do more ingeneous and creative ways to achieve a certain feel or Effect.

This is also a baptism of fire of sorts for my camera, the cannon eos 400d. Of which I have yet to use for exhibit or competition purposes.

roll out

Whats good about this is I got a sale bumblebee classics at sale from Wasabitoys. The Mech and its Alternate car mode is perfect for a 1:35 Scale Diorama which is the military armor scale for modelling. It was inspired by the TFTM's scene where autobots and the US army were fighting side by side. Although I changed it a bit to make it moody and turn into a night scene. Lighting effects were added to give effects of warfare and explosions. CD-R King's Tripod was a real help on this one since it helped stabilize the shot on longer shutter speeds and capture more colors.

This entry then won first place on Cyb Ph's Animated me competition. Overall a big thanks to those who voted, Playkit for the prizes and Cyb Ph who coordinated the event.

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