Thursday, August 7, 2008


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Seven things you like the most:

1. Milk Tea
2. Gunpla
3. Jerseys
4. Sneakers
5. Takoyaki
6. Sushi
7. Track Jackets

Seven important things in your room:

1. Howe's Gifts
2. My PS2
3. My SLR
4. My Gundams
5. My TV
6. My Clothes
7. My Artwork

Seven random facts about you:

1.I lived the life of an Underdog
2. I hosted some anime and business events
3. My favorite color is green
4. Sometimes I can handle wierd stories or movies
5. I hosted some clips in Hero TV's Gcube and appeared in other shows as well.
6. My conversation with batista Went with me telling him to kill booker. He answered "Yeah"
7. If there was something I regretted in my life, it was Studying at NDGM

Seven things you can't do:

1. Read rants of otakus who act like some first class critics
2. Listen to ethnic and localized versions of foreign songs
3. snap my fingers
4. Focus under too many distractions
5. Chin Ups
6. Listen to AM Radio, Be it news and public service programs. They make me puke.
7. eat adidas

Seven things you can do:

1. Build a Diorama
2. Lose 10+ lbs in a week (though super duper haggard afterwards)
3. Create a vector portrait
4. Walk instead of commuting
5. Save up and splurge down
6. Sneak around a person Unnoticed
7. Drink multiple servings of energy drink

Seven things you plan to do before you die:

1. Get married.
2. Have my own Business
3. Go back to Japan a hundred more times
4. Get my masters here or abroad
5. Be the ultimate Artist I can be
6. Have my own big house
7. Have a Happy Family

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex:

1. Being Artistic, has a passion for craft
2. Open Mindedness
3. Respects and accepts who I am as a person
4. Has a plan in life and is responsible
5. Loving and Caring
6. Smart
7. Thinks out of the box

Seven things that repulse you in the opposite sex:

1. Conyo-Bitch type
2. Too much of a Party goer
3. Irresponsible, does not have a plan for life
4. Players
5. Airheads
6. Baduy Pumorma
7. Too Conservative/ Those who stick too much to the norm.

Seven things you say the most:

1. Tangina...
2. Ahh..Ok
3. Talaga?
4. Damn
5. wala lang
6. Shet
7. tsk tsk...

Seven celebrity crushes:

1. Zhang Ziyi
2. Ayumi Kinoshita
3. Iya Villania
4. Kim Chiu
5. Bianca King
6. Rene Zelwegger
7. Dylan Vizcarra

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