Sunday, August 31, 2008

OMG Larry Legend, What have they done to thee?

Although it is nice to hear that Mc farlane Sportspicks is having more celtics players included in their latest action figure lines (3 of the last 4 lines have players from the C's. However, there is a Problem due. Take a look at Larry Legend's new Figure.


The rosy cheeks, the smooth legs and the very akward pose. It is really hard to imagine that this would come by and pass the eyes of critics, collectors and fans alike. The pose of about to receive the ball from a pass looks great but needs improvement in the execution stage. If there is any consolation, the Parquet floor and the celtic logo on the base looks good.

Its sad to say that there are so many other Celtic legends that are eligible to be immortalized on the action figure line. Yet they created a second figure of an existing player. We still need Mc hale, Cousy, Parish, Jones, Havlicek, Auerbach and more to the mix. As well as Ray Allen in Celtic Green.

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