Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jason Kidd Picks Peak over Nike


Dallas Mavericks and Team USA Point guard Jason kidd, who was once a major endorser for nike and has one of the best looking basketball shoes ever, created for him (Air Zoom Flight Five), has dumped the swoosh for Chinese brand Peak.

Its quite an ironic thing that major brands nike, adidas and reebok going after China's athletes with Yi Jian lian, Lui Xiang and the Chinese basketball team for nike, Yao Ming for reebok and Adidas being the official outfitter of the beijing games. While Chinese Brands are going after other sporting personalities in the international market. With Shaq, the Spanish and Argentine national teams signed up for Li-Ning, Steve Francis signed up for anta, Anta also sponsors some International teams and Philippine Club teams. and now Peak, outfitters of that tight hugging australian womens basketball jerseys and Shane Battier now going for Jason Kidd.

I wonder if RP brand Accel would do the same?

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