Thursday, August 21, 2008

PTF will Shut up and Accept Defeat


After Tshomlee Go losing to Australian Ryan Carneli 0-1 and suffering from a no count axe kick to the face in the second round of competition, PTF President Robert Aventejado Accepts defeat even if they disagreed with the results.

Earlier,The canadian delegation protested their Jin's (Ivette Gonda's ) Loss to the committee for its questionable loss to the swede . Even with the protest, it looks hard that there will be a rematch.

While it is usually a sore loser's mannerism to complain after any form of competition, and complaints in international competition, particularly to subjective sports like taekwondo, boxing and skating end up futile. There is no shame in filing up a protest if you know that you have enough ground and evidence to show for it. After all, its years of preparation gone to waste. Rivero and Fabrega are the last 2 left for the competition.

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