Monday, March 26, 2012

PBA Run with the Fans

Last Saturday, I did something new, participate in 2 races at the same day.


At the start, I was expecting that a lot of PBA Players would join the longer distances as they had did in the past, sadly, the ongoing PBA Schedule and the tightrace for the quarters at the standings prevented them from doing so. There are still quite a number of them, albeit at the 3k category. I was also hoping some Powerade tigers players to show up, but sadly only a few coaches showed up. In fairness, Barako Bull, Meralco and BGK had quite a delegation.

After the preparations, the marshals told us via a huddle on how to take the race route. It felt like a basketball huddle. We were supposed to do 2 laps on the 5k in a very Hilly route for a complete 10k. When the gun started, my pace was ok, only a few walks in the uphill.With powerade as a sponsor, there were plenty of hydration, I only needed 2 of my 4 hydration bottles.

During the later half of the run, the participants from the shorter distances finally began to show up, so do the players. So do the players, apparently only the H-Bomb took the race seriously, placing 4th in the 3k category.  Most of the players were in race support mode though. Giving high fives and cups.

After 2 laps, I finally ended the race. A bit slow because of the hills but I have to leave something more for the run later that afternoon The route was challenging but it really felt longer than 10k.

The medal could've used more work, but an award/ recognition of any sort, especially from the PBA is always a welcome addition. 

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