Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kick the Habbit

98/365 kick the habbit 

Yesterday's Kick the habbit run, they initially said they'll give medals to the top 200 finishers, however by the time we are at the starting line, they changed the rule to only the top 50 finishers having finisher's medals.


I was blessed to enter the top 50 finishers even if the event was held from the Ultra track oval, to the Uphill areas of Pasig's "Motel District".


It was also great meeting billy ray bates again during the event, seeing he is in the same club as Jeremy Lin, Shaq, AI and MJ. He was very surprised as I pulled out my Crispa #2 bates jersey and asked him to sign it as he screamed "How did you do that?"

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