Monday, February 13, 2012

My Entry at the Pinoy Fitness Tech Shirt Design Contest!

I forgot to post and campaign for it here, but the last week, I joined Pinoy Fitness' Tech shirt design contest. One of my four designs made it in the finals and placed 2nd overall after the voting was done. I never really thought of winning anything at this contest. All I wanted was for PF's next tech shirt to be colored black.

The streaking line of red and blue was inspired by the 1998 and 2002 Asian Games PHL basketball Jerseys and the Quarter sun was inspired from the shorts of the Philippine Patriots of the ABL season 2.

Thanks to all those who voted. There were some issues in regards to red over blue streaking from left to right. I just want to clarify this:

1. The law only applies to the flag and there is no flag here.
2. The contest wanted a nationalistic shirt and not a flag themed shirt.
3. We treat competition as a battle/ war.
4. The colors can be inverted by a simple click of a paint bucket tool in photoshop.

With that over, I would like to thank the staff and those who supported the entry!

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