Saturday, February 4, 2012

What Speed Limit?

91/365 nsl

The second race of the year, I registered for this event as early as after last year's Christmas. 

The route was pretty simple, we run around  the ADMU compound, go out to Katipunan all the way to green meadows, passing by 2 hills and one underpass while were at it. 

A week ago, during the cybph games at admu, we tried jogging around the admu compound  to get a feel of the area. From the college courts, to the SEC walk up to Moro Lorenzo. I was expecting about the same, but to my surprise, as the race started, there were some steep hills deep inside the campus, around 20 minutes or so, we were finally out on Katipunan. Granted there were some fumes but the new scenery was worth it. Credits as well for the early start that prevented us runners for having a longer time under the sun.

Before the race, I set a goal that I'd be gunning for 1:45-1:50, my previous best was at 2:00:50 from the 2011 run for integrity. I had to ensure that I'd be passing half of the race within one hour.  I passed the U turn slot at green meadows at 1:05 plenty of time to spare. Fatigue finally caught up on the second half of the run, with the sun shining and hills shoving the way.

Near the Ateneo gates, I was a bit disappointed that people were still circling the Blue Eagle gym before crossing the finish line. Turns out it was just from Ateneo's grade school division run aptly titled takbluehan. As I saw that we don't need to make the loop around Blue Eagle gym, I sprinted along the finish line .

A 15k PR!  at 1:50:35 though  the result wierdly showed a time of 1:51:35, what matters most is the time on my watch. After which they gave out the medals and finisher's shirt.

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