Friday, February 17, 2012

Review: Adizero Boston 2

Greentennial Half Marathon

Today, we take a look at the Adizero Boston 2,  Click on the jump to see full review.



The colors are a mixture of black, white and green. It's a big break from the neon yellow/ lime colors that have been predominantly released in the market today. Other parts like the sole and the mid sole are done in neutral colors, while the stripes are made with semi translucent smoke strips.


Design/ Materials:

The Boston 2 uses a  air mesh upper (Green area)  to keep the ventilation going for those long runs and comfortable non-slip lining to prevent those minor accidents. The shoe was built for neutral pronators with an emphasis for lightweight performance.



          After doing a test run,  I noticed a bit of similarity over previous "lightweight" running shoes. However, this one features a bit more cushioning particularly at the ankle are. I definitely welcome the additional feature since I'm on the heavy runner side.



The Adizero Boston 2 features a roomy toebox area that makes the feet comforable even at the middle of a long 21 or 32k run. Good for wide foot runners like me. It has a perfect balance of snug at the rear/ ankle area and room on the toe area.

adizero boston

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