Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fire Burns Anew.


As if last conference's Cinderella Run wasn't enough, The Powerade Tigers needs to overcome adversity once more. This time it is no longer doubters, FB trolls, First seeded teams or sportscasters shouting "no chance in hell". This time the Tigers are against survival. Literally and Figuratively.

With the team's rumored sale offer and uncertain future, followed by Marcio's trade on hold (I don't care what the higher ups from the teams say, this is an unfair trade, and the PBA should stop entertaining these kinds of trades). The team faces a new type of distraction perhaps.

Aided by it's 6'11 import (and one time White Mamba teammate) Dwayne Jones as inspiration, The tigers once down again by a large margin nearing the endgame made a late game rally to win 122-120, beating their semifinals opponent, the Rain or Shine Elastopainters. As if it was the same scenario as the last nail biting semis series.

People were saying if the team got a good post player, then it can address its weaknesses and become a much fiercer squad than last year.  Now with Jones virtually playing a significant fraction of the game. This team is on a better shape than last conference's squad.

Jones finished with 34 points to compliment David's 32. J-Shock Casio scored 14 points, all in the second half.

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