Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Is national pride a crime?

Since there are many people in this blog viewing and/or asking for details regarding the Philippine Track top jacket, I might as well post a certain update in regards to the production of the 3rd batch of the Philippine Jacket. This message was sent by Adidas to the people who reserved for a third batch of the said jacket.

"We express our sincere apologies in informing you that there has been a
design change in the adidas Originals Philippines Track Top (article #
575167) under your reservation. The National Historical Institute of the
Philippines has brought to our attention that the Philippine flag design
on the track top is in violation of Republic Act 8491,The Flag and
Heraldic Code of the Philippines. We are therefore prohibited from
retailing or importing any additional units of this article.

Due to this, we will be replacing all orders of article # 575167 with
article # 575293. Kindly see attached images for your reference. The
design elements are likewise inspired by the Philippine flag, and the
track top will only be produced for a one-time, limited run. Target
launch for this new design is December 2008. Retail price remains at Php 4595, with sizes available from XS to XL for women and S to 2XL for men.

We would appreciate a reply to this email by June 18, 2008 so we may
immediately process or cancel your reservation. Should you wish to
proceed with your reservation, kindly e-mail us back with your name,
mobile number, and sizes required."

So, Basically the old Philippine flag jacket is replaced with a modified version of the women's track top to fit with mens sizes. It also has a pretty cool design and is contrasting to the old loud design of the jacket.


Anyways, Here is article 8491 regarding our national flag.

Republic Act 8491


I. Prohibited Acts

SECTION 34. It shall be prohibited:

c) To use the flag:

1. As a drapery, festoon, tablecloth;
2. As covering for ceilings, walls, statues or other objects;
3. As a pennant in the hood, side, back and top of motor vehicles;
4. As a staff or whip;
5. For unveiling monuments or statues; and
6. As trademarks, or for industrial, commercial or agricultural labels or designs.


SECTION 50. Any person or juridical entity which violates any of the provisions of this Act shall, upon conviction, be punished by a fine of not less than Five thousand pesos (P5,000) nor more than Twenty thousand pesos (P20,000), or by imprisonment for not more than one (1) year, or both such fine and imprisonment, at the discretion of the court: Provided, That for any second and additional offenses, both fine and imprisonment shall always be imposed: Provided, further, That in case the violation is committed by a juridical person, its President or Chief Executive Officer thereof shall be liable.

While I do agree that the national flag is a symbol of our nation's Pride, Heritage and honor and should not be in any way used or manipulated like what was said above, It is the people and the Citizen's right to represent their country, their heritage through whatever they wear. The concern is, will the National Historical institute continue to hunt down clothing lines that are inspired or have partially similar color scheme and patterns as the Philippine flag? Will they go as far as hunt down and penalize people who want to be proud of their nationality?

A lot of clothing brands nowadays are into producing clothing with national pride theme in them.
From independent graphic shirt sellers at multiply, to adidas's line, FMCC's shirts and jeans, new era's caps Accel's Team Gears and the limited edition national team jerseys of Nike and Mizuno. People's Tastes have changed. They are more proud of their brown roots. Fil-Americans and OFW's would shell out hundreds of dollars just to get their hands on these stuff. Its not like a decade ago where someone would be considered "trendy" or cool by wearing a US basketball Jersey or a Brazilian football jersey or at farther extent, Shirts that say London, Germany, France or any other highly industrialized country that the Philippines could only drool about dreaming to be.

The NHI (National Historical Institute) should even encourage people to represent the Philippines. If anyone has the right to shoulder the name or the flag of the Philippines, its the OFWs, the Fil foreigners who seek their roots, The athletes who sacrifice blood, sweat and tears (except the players and officials of the BAP) and their fans, The taxpayers and the normal day to day citizens. They have a lot more right to represent or show it than corrupt government officials or politicians who just travel abroad with the people's money just to spend in luxuries. It is so disgusting to see the Philippine flag pinned to those personalities in their suits and/or barongs, that is the ultimate disrespect for the Philippine flag.

If there's any consolation here it is the fact that the NHI allowed adidas to continue producing the other version of the jacket. Maybe the first design was just too loud or has too much similar elements to be considered being used as an industrial label. Hopefully producers would not get discouraged of this incident. But just be careful nonetheless.

And another thing, It seems like ABS CBN has released a new station ID where some common extras and their celebrities are running around and wearing shirts inspired by the flag and the others wearing flags used in the revolt against spain. A very cool and proud scene. Will the NHI step on it for those shirts as well?


Kat said...

I remember learning about that law back in elementary, that's why I was a bit curious what the reaction of the government would be, especially when a lot of clothes started popping up with the Philippine flag as basis for the design.

Personally, I see no harm in using the flag as part of a clothing design, especially if it was done in a tasteful and respectful manner.

Xio said...

If they want it to stop then they should have corked the entire production of the Adidas top instead of just modifying it. Half-cooked stupidity is still stupidity, anyway.

Raichu08 said...

I dont think the NHI can go after them with second design because the design and its elements are way altered from the ones seen in the flag.

Mary Ann said...

Thanks for the update. I was wondering why they stopped making the Philippine jacket but there were tons of Mexico, Ethiopia, etc... jackets on the net.

Do you know how I can reserve the jacket that they're planning on selling in Dec. '08?

Raichu08 said...

Maryann, you can reserve by going to their multiply site and look for their listed email.

Anonymous said...

Intresting blog... It really affects me as I also design t-shirts and shorts using the national flag of the Philippines in its respectful way. I am also planning to release my clothing line with my version of the Philippine flag jacket or jumper.
In pinas, true filipinos there don't represent the flag because of the corruptness of our country and its government.

But for people overseas, we are proud to represent our roots. We want to show the whole world that we exist as a race and recognized equally amongst others instead of being seen as a 3rd world nation.

Well a lot of people have broken the republic act. I think the government needs to step up their game and realise that we're actually representing the flag in a good manner even if we're making money from it, thats business... But man oh man how some people's designs suck!!!!

Haha just had to say that.. mabuhay ang pilipinas!!!

Let me know if any1 is interested to see my clothing designs.. peace!

wow power leveling said...
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