Monday, December 5, 2011


30/365 9thanimorun
As much as I don't want to bash my Alma Mater's running club, what they did was unacceptable.This was my 24th and final run of the year, and sadly, had the worst on the race support and assistance side.

First of all there were barely, to no hydration at all. This is because there are only 3 hydration stations at the whole route and "barely" because by the time you passed them, there were no more water/ rockstar energy drink to serve you.

Second is the late start of the race, they can't even determine which site the runners might start.

Third and the worst is the sharing of the route with the red cross event. While they gave us a small space to pass through, it was still blocked by thousands of their runners/ walkers. You literally have to pass shove and part thousands of them just to get across

What's worse is after making a U-Turn at Luneta, the red cross run had started. crowded by those thousands, Walking! and stopping and shouting upon the sight of their Jeje-celebrity idols.

Fourth is having zero marshals to the race. The marshals that were guiding us were from the red cross run

Luckily, there were some bright points

The finisher's medal was big, there was an unannounced finisher's shirt, which was a good surprise. There was still no water at the event area but there were overflowing milk and yogurt.

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