Saturday, December 17, 2011

Former WWE Stars return to Manila! WWFX Champions Showcase Tour


Check out their FB Page!

I heard this from the PTK forums and FB. Wrestling superstars finally going to manila after 3 years. Most of them have performed in Manila in previous events such as the 06' RAW Live tour (Chris Masters, Carlito, Shelton Benjamin) 06' Smackdown Survivor Series tour (Ken Anderson, Shane Helms, Jimmy Wang Yang) and 95' WWF Mayhem in Manila (Billy Gunn) but there will also be other stars who will be coming here for the first time (Jillian Hall, Rhyno).

If the WWE is not coming here in the foreseeable future, might as well watch this.The Philippines needs its dose of live pro wrestling action. Hopefully they would have lots of fan interactions.

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