Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Review: Smart All Stars Jersey

It's been months after the Smart Ultimate All Star Weekend has ended. But the country is still not over from the high that it generated. From the High the NBA stars' aura, to their mesmerizing plays and Gilas' heroic stand. Surely, this is one of the biggest moments for the country's average basketball fan.What better way to commemorate such an event with a jersey of the Smart All Stars.


The microshiny fabric added with the  side designs and twilled numbers (the all star player's request) adds to the pro look of the jersey. No rubberized or screen printed graphics here. It feels like the authentic pre-revo 30 NBA jerseys.


What's good about this is that the patches at the back and the jock area are all sublimated. The smart logo in front is sublimated and Twilled at the same time. 

In detail closeup of the patches.


isay said...

for sale po ba yang smart all star jersey ni kevin durant?

Raichu08 said...

Hindi. Review sya hindi "For Sale"