Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thelma (Running Film)

Running has become a national pastime in the Philippines. Sure, it is not as widely covered as Football, Dragon Boat Racing, Boxing and Basketball and rarely do our countrymen bring medals from international meets (provided). But like badminton in the early 2000's people are getting into the sport for recreational purposes.

Sports is a widely neglected subject in our entertainment industry. Sure there's Futbolilits but it feels more of a family drama than an actual sports series. Over the past, rarely do we have movies based on sports. Buhay Kamao (2001) and Pacquiao the Movie (2006) are some of the few shown last decade. In the 80s there was a slew of sports movies (I.E. Last 2 Minutes, Rocky Plus 5, Daddy's Angel), but the tone was far from serious, barely a plot for a comedy or a family film.

Now, Star Cinema presents a Film about running. Thelma, starred by Maja Salvador is a movie about a girl running for her dreams despite the problems presented by her family and poverty. The film also stars former track star Elma Muros.

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