Saturday, June 11, 2011

2010 Team Pilipinas Nike Jersey Review

How times have changed.

When I reviewed the 2009 Team Pilipinas Jersey,  there was still a lack of National inspired merchandise in the country. Nowadays, you can see them in every sidewalk store or makeshift bazaar. Almost all local and international brands have stepped on or are stepping in with this trend.


Today, we review the 2010-11 version of the team Pilipinas Jersey. Due to our national team, Smart Gilas now having a concrete and long term program, we now see this Jersey more exposed in Television.

Front design and Number Printing

The 2010 Team Pilipinas Jerseys Shared the same template but has received several design tweaks depending on which tournament the Smart Gilas Pilipinas participates. It usually depended when they were up against exhibition and club tournaments or official FIBA Asia organized tournaments. The Eagle logo appears during non FIBA and club tournaments. And the Coat of Arms design appears during FIBA Sanctioned games. By Fiba Asia Champions' Cup 2011, Gilas adapted a new front design. For a more detailed view, see the graphic below.

As expected from the previously releases Nike UAAP and National team Jerseys, the front jerseys have no Numbers printed, which makes a lot of sense in this case due to the different prints Smart Gilas is using.


Due to the different templates and design used which incorporates major graphic placement by the sponsor,  Nike did not have a number printing service this time around. However, Local Basketball sneaker shop Titan22 offered a Number Printing service for its loyal customers.

Back Design

The 2010 Team Pilipinas jersey incorporates a more different aerographic design. Unlike the 2009 Team Pilipinas Jersey, which has the same template for all Nike sponsored national teams except USA and China, 2010 Nike sponsored Jerseys does not provide the same template for all the squads.  The Team Pilipinas The back pattern is similar to what the French national team and Far Eastern University is using.


Cloth material and Stitching

The Team Pilipinas Jersey provides double lining for both the front and back sides. The Pilipinas script is made via cutout, the Pilipinas crest is a woven patch while the swoosh mark is embroidered. The jersey feels heavier because of this. Also, the side trimmings is a straight line as opposed to the actual game jerseys which have Y shaped trimmings.

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