Saturday, September 1, 2007


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Guess what, its hongkong trip time once again. The time where I spend my savings for months on and stock on clothing, gunpla and lots of reading material. Still, mongkok is truly the place to be especially for a cheapo othaku like me. I did get to take a lot of pictures but its a lot harder now, since my Canon S3IS's zoom lens started acting like crazy, it wasnt good as I wanted them to be. Come to think of it, my ps2 needs to be repaired to. Still a lot of games to be played before shifting to ps3.

Anyways, here are some pics.

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Seems like keroro gunsou is big in HK, as in most of the other asian countries. There's the keroro platoon everywhere, from posters to fashion magazines, techie gadgets, mobile phones, mooncakes, to toothpaste and even some clothing stores display keroro in the entrance of their stores. I like this show as well, It really cracks me up. Too bad Channel 2 cancelled it in their program block.

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This is one of the 3 pandas that were lent by the chinese government to hongkong's ocean park. I've never seen actual pandas before this. They really look cute on personal.

I want bamboo

Also it seems like a lot of the peeps there are very much into street fashion as well. You can see a mixture of fob and japanese style fashion as sported by the locals.

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