Monday, December 10, 2007

Final Fantasy VIII Finally Finished

This was the longest time I spent on a game that as supposed to be only around 60 hours long, it spanned 8 years, 3 months and 4 days over 4 discs, 2 gaming systems and 3 memory cards.

On September 1999, I got myself a copy of the game played it on and off around once a month. Levelling up and getting the proper Items and weaponry. By the time 2002 was around, I finally had the urge to finish the game, Improved to disc4 and went down on ultimecia's castle, the final level in the game. Then luck stroke down again as my PS1's lens finally broke down. At this time, I thought I was never going to finish the game anymore.

A kindle of hope came 2 years later when I was finally able to afford a ps2. Unfortunately, although the system is capable of backwards compatibility, It is not compatible for jack sparrow and captain hook versions. So then again I wasn't able to continue the progress.

Finally last November, I was able to borrow an original FF8 game thanks to my friends Patrick and Jr. went on to finish the last stage and eventually finishing the game last sunday.

Fate looks like it wasnt going to allow me to finish this game, as the Final boss, Ultimecia's final form was nearing to die, the boss quickly casted armageddon which automatically destroyed the other 2 characters, zell and rinoa. Before I could revive them, ultimecia drew the life and full live magic from the remaining character, squall and again casted an attack that reduced my HP to 1. with no other choice, I used the limit break renzokuken and squall unleashed the lionheart for the dramatic finish.

Finally the game was finished, The CG Ending that I was waiting for 8 years is now flashing on my screen. I avoided seeing this at youtube because I want to finish the game first to avoid spoilage.

Then the disc hanged. I was so pissed and just watched the ending at youtube.

For those who want to see it:

Part 1


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