Thursday, September 27, 2007

High and Mighty no more?

Ever since they debuted their single "Pride" caught my attention. My eyes have laid on High and Mighty Color as My Favorite J- Rock Band. Known for their hard rocking songs, a mix of Harajuku and Rock inspired get ups and A cute Rocker Chick , Maki for a lead singer. It was a breath of fresh air for the usual J-rock scene. The Single Pride was followed up by a handful of hits including the Upbeat "OVER", the energetic "dive into yourself", and the popular "Ichirin no Hana" helped HandMC Rise to prominence over the past 2 years. However with the popularity, the band's image started to change as well. Their songs, from being upbeat and hard rock, has now become mellow and sentimental, the band's image changed as well. Their style became a lot more conservative. There's still the attitude, but not like before. Makes me ask if they'll ever come back from their old style and image. Recent music videos showed some signs and hints, hope they do though.

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