Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cosplay Photoshoot: Rider x Sentai x Metal Hero x Tokusatsu

What better way to cap of the year than do my Last (and First) cosplay shoot of the year. After months of talking, planning and scheduling, we were finally able to pull of an ambitous cosplay shoot. This was a welcome sigh of relief for me since 1. The genre really fits the location and 2. I'm a big toku fan myself.

56/365 accel trial

Who says cosplay is just about big boobed attention seekers? who says all heroes should wear spandex and cape with underwear sticking out of their crotches?


Niko Miguel "Shinn Cruz" as Red Turbo
Dennis "Denggoy" Isidoro as Kamen Rider Accel Trial and Uchuu Keiji Sharivan


57/365 Red Turbo!


sharivan shine

fall of fairy seelon

Kamen Rider Accel Trial Mode



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