Tuesday, February 12, 2013

No Speed Limit 2013 experience

Last year's No Speed Limit run was a good one (this is coming from a student of the "other" school). I joined the 15k event and we were able to run from Ateneo up to the Libis area. While hydration was a bit of an issue back then, race support, the beneficiaries and even the loot bags made it worthwhile. Even with the enormous number of flyovers and undergrounds I was able to break my PR for 15k.

It was good enough to give it another try. This year, they certainly made improvements, with awesome looking black singlets, a dryfit finisher's shirt and a medal that does not look like it was given on graduation day. All these things while still being able to help our special brothers and sisters.

Come the actual race, the route was great. The Marikina flyover was a refreshing change of breath while race support along with hydration was aplenty. The only problem was lack of signs/ informed marshals on the second loop of the 15k area which caused confusion among the runners, some of us being diverted to the finish line. I was looking on breaking my 15k PR for this race, however due to this mishap I was able to cover less than 15k and hence made my PR ineligible. Never bothered to raise an issue over it since what is important is we got to help the people with special needs.                

Contrary to popular belief, that Cheriffer mascot runs fast. Even beat a few walkers in the first hundred feet or so. 
Photo by Geek Runners

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