Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Run United 3 Experience

13/365 RU3

I entered the race late, just when the 15k runners were about to start, when I called my colleagues, they were already at the CCP. By km 3 I was able to catch the end of the 21k pack. After passing a few more runners, I finally caught a glimpse of my buddies at the Roxas boulevard area, just after the U turn near macapagal, but then again  the head start was already too far. There was plenty of hydration in this race except for the last 2 kilometers, where the heat was really unbearable. I got cramps at the last 500 meters of the race, with so many people egging me to go, I sucked up the pain and had a strong finish, but was grimacing in cramps after crossing the finish line. 

In the end, my chip time produced another 21k PR.  I finally completed the Runrio trilogy, though too bad that my RU1 was at the 5k distance. Looking forward to my next half marathon this coming  December 4 at the Animo Run.

9/365 trilogy complete

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