Monday, November 28, 2011

Camp Run 2

24/365 Camp Run

I was a bit hesitant on attending this race, because the day before, I had a really high fever and was overstressed to boot. It's a good thing the race was a bit late at 7:00am. This allowed me to get more rest and helped the fever subside even by a little bit.

I arrived at the scene 45 minutes earlier, there was a big delegation by the military. Too bad there were just a few civilian runners for this race, but the mood was festive and happy enough. Soldiers aged 39 and below went for the 10 while those above 39 went for the 5k. As for me, looking for a light run before next week's half marathon, went for the 5k.

Going on my first 100 meters, I was surprised to be at first place following only the pacer vehicle. Of course the soldiers would eventually catch up to me after their bottleneck at the starting line and I'd register my worst 5k time due to racing while nursing a fever. But that first hundred meters of being first in the race was something to remember.

As for the race itself, Camp Aguinaldo was really nice and great for training / running. No bystanters, vehicles and it really felt secure. Though it was heavy on short hills and had 2 obstacles (tire relay and net at the front of the finish line).

In the end, there was aplenty of stuff at the loot bag and I managed to get a camp run 1 shirt for only a hundred bucks.

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