Friday, May 13, 2011

Figure Fridays: Rafael Marquez by FT Champs

fcb Rafael marquez

The recent futbol fever hitting our country got me interested in the sport and hooking up Fifa 11 on my Playstation. Next up, is getting some figs to shoot. I recently got the Marquez Fig at a sale bin in Greenhills for 4 US$ And the Chelsea booter fig for 3 US$.

Marquez is the captain of the mexican national team and was a fixture in La Liga's FC Barcelona. He now plays for the new york red bulls in the MLS.

Considering their price, FT Champs Futbol figs are a steal, the lifelike sculpt and the intricate manual paintjob are definetely worth it. Too bad though that the licensing for the Kit outfitter and sponsor (Nike, Unicef) are missing. Another issue is that the ball does not fit on the Peg like other sports figs do so.


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