Thursday, May 26, 2011

Accel Barangay Ginebra Kings Jersey (Sublimation) Review.

3rd Quarter year 2000, the PBA decided to enter into merchandising to help reach out to the fans. The move started with the major redesign of team logos and jerseys. The Design firm responsible for the Raptor's logo was hired to tweak all of the 10 teams logos. This resulted to the more cartoony and catchy logos for the PBA. This was also the reason why the PBA logos and jerseys back in the 2000s reminds you of logos and jerseys of the NBA back in the 90s. Monickers were also changed like the Alaska Milkmen to the Aces, the Pop Cola 800s to the Pop Cola Panthers and so on.... The PBA then went on to merchandising with the 3 stripes but then switched to Accel a couple of years after.


With the switch, Local Basketball fans finally got something long overdue. The league finally producing replica jerseys. Back in the 80s and 90s, the only way to cop a PBA jersey was to either get a really poor quality replica at street vendors or Ask a game worn one from the player itself.

Fast forward 11 years later from the original merchandising era of the league, only 2 teams have retained their logo from the switch. The Alaska Aces and Ginebra Kings.


Since then, the brand has released several Jerseys with different printing styles, some are rubberized, others have glossy print, others are printed in air cool fabric. Around 3 years ago, Accel released PBA Jerseys for 3 teams (TNT, BGK and SMB) Using the dye sublimation process. The process involves having a computer printout design using sublimation ink/dye and is transfered using heat. The result being the design being directly infused into the fabric, reducing rubber prints and fabric cutouts therefore making the Jerseys lighter. For actual game Jerseys , Only the Powerade Tigers use the Sublimation Jerseys (the Kings use Air cool fabric with Rubber print).

Overall, the print and details are nice, the black detail on the lower part of the jersey is now printed instead of being another stitched fabric. The moisture absorption is nice, since this is the material and process used in producing the gear for triathlon and sometimes running uniforms. The other details are good as well.


If there is something that's a negative about the product, this is because it does not feel like a jersey during a game but feels more of a shirt or a tanktop.


RR said...

Ang ganda ng print ng sa BGK eh. hndi tahi or silkscreen. Tapos makukuha mo lang ng 800 something sa mga dep store. sana ganyan na lang ung mga jerseys ng NBA.

Raichu08 said...

Actually ganyan ang Uniforms sa NBA nung mid 90s (Atlanta, Milwaukee)pati ang mga stripes sa uniforms nila.

Allan Banigan said...

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