Friday, May 27, 2011

Figure Fridays: Bret Hart by Jakks Pacific

The Best there is,
The Best there was,
The Best there ever will be.

The Excellence of Execution

Last Sunday's Over the limit was a comeback of sorts for Bret the Hitman Hart. Hart Interfered and played enforcer in Jerry Lawler's and Michael Cole's kiss my foot match. Bret Hart and Jerry the King Lawler were the combatants in the original kiss my foot match back in 1995.

Bret also came back to RAW the day after and became the special guest referee in the main event of Monday night RAW. The event featured Cena and Mysterio against R Truth and CM Punk in a Macho Man homage. After the match, we say the sharpshooter.

This is why the Excellence of execution is our feature this Friday.

I got interested in unmatched fury figures when they were already phasing out the Jakks Pacific figures, there's no available figures of the UMF Hitman for sale locally. Luckilly, a fellow collector helped me out in acquiring one through Ebay.

The details are great and realistic, even though the Jacket and the Unitard seems to be on different timelines of the Hitman's Career.The facial expression and the trademark pose represent an aura of 90s Pre attitude nostalgia.

UMF Hitman

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