Friday, May 20, 2011

Figure Fridays: McFarlane Sportspicks Tom Brady

Tom Brady

When you speak about Boston Heroes, you usually hear the names Bird, Rice, Cousy, Speaker and many more. You probably heard about Tom Brady. Brady, One of the most recognizable athletes over the past decade is the gutsy pin point passing quarterback of the New England Patriots which delivered super bowl after super bowl in the 2000s.

I have been seriously looking for a Brady figure here in the Philippines, Sadly, this is a country where NFL is only known by some hardcore sports buffs and some fil ams. Luckily I got one at one of the Specialty stores here in Manila. Though It was supposed to be some factory prototype from China since there are Chinese Characters, Signature and OK signs written in the figure. After getting the fig for 6$, I decided to repaint it and give some sort of decency to the figure.

Pardon with the Curtis Martin figure defending him, as I said, there is a scarcity of Sportspicks figures in this country, Unless its the NBA since Hoops is a religion here.

brady 2

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