Monday, August 17, 2009

Cannon 50mm f 1.18 get

Weeks Back I finally got my first Prime Lens, Yes it is the cheapest one. the 50mm f 1.18 by Cannon.


I was planning to buy this way back since I won cosplay and toy photog contests in the last toy convention. I wanted to improve and not be complacent. A Photographer friend of mine suggested that I invest on prime lenses and start on the 50mm f1.18. 3 days after the convention, I went to the states. As my brother bought a camera, he brought home a brochure. One of the more cheaper stores in the States, BnH. In there the lens sold for 89$ + Tax (around 4,500-5,000 php) which is cheaper since most stores there sell it for 180 US$. To not splurge my pocket money, I decided to buy it on our last day in NY. Unfortunately, It was a saturday and the store, being run by jewish, is closed.


Back in the Philippines, I searched on how much it cost here. A site showed that in a store makati, it costs 4,300 which was already Cheaper. Finally, A trip to Hidalgo finally openned my eyes and made me realize how much a blessing in disguise this was and got it for 4,000 php. (Before, I was a bit weary of the safety of the place. But after seeing it, it wasnt that dangerous.)


So as a trial practice shot:


So Far so Good. Hoping to get the hang of this.

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