Monday, August 10, 2009

Team Pilipinas Takes On Taipei in Group E

Powerade Team Pilipinas, Pulled out a great defensive game against the koreans last Saturday, limiting them with 18% shooting from the arc. Ha did have a bad game and not even his Jun Pyo esque hairdo was of any help against taulava and penissi. but RP went ice cold on offense as they missed a lot of open threes. Cyrus Baguio did a lot of acrobatic shots that kept the koreans worried but everytime the pinoys make a run, the boys over flowers squad just kept coming back.We finised a 2-1 record and currently on 3rd in group e (Merged Group A & B).

Our next game is against Chinese Taipei. No, they dont have hot shots or MVP valentine in their lineup. The winner of the match gets to face either Jordan or Lebanon in the quarter finals rather than Yi and China. Good news for RP is that Japeth will be back and 100& from the injury he sustained while dunking against sri lanka. Also, a 1 day rest would be beneficial to these guys especially the emotionally exhausted big game James and our injured furious mvp. We still need prayers.

I also hope they wont be confused with the enemy as both RP and Taiwan has the same Uniform design and colors.

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