Monday, August 17, 2009

Final Thoughts on Fiba Asia


Western powers once again proves they're the team to beat. At first I thought china was still to reign supreme because they still have a good intact team with a lot of experiences. But then I was wrong. Iran, not only beating china but crushing them in front of their home crowd. I can say is just wow. No Mid ranking Asian team got beat that bad by Iran. Not Korea, Not Jordan, Not Taipei, Not even Powerade Pilipinas. China also had down to the wire games against Lebanon and Jordan.

And so ends the 19 year odyssey of PBA backed national teams. It is now up to the new batch of soldiers that will represent the 3 stars and a sun. Frankly speaking, I'm more optimistic this time around with Smart Gilas. The team has been practicing longer than the all pro squad and they're still 2 years ahead. They also have a naturalized player and a coach who was the brainchild of the team that just demolished China. Yes, Matic may be the coach, but Toroman was the "Red Auerbach" of that Iran team.

Gilas Is a good program, Do not destroy it Help It. Hopefully the PBA board gives in to help them by reinforcing them with the 3 players from the powerade team. This will help the league as well, since they can have a solid participation with the national team while not having major loses.

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