Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ballers 2k1 Jersey

I've been joining saturday evening basketball games in Katipunan as part of the cybph ballers, however the venue/ games are coincidentally shared with my alumni basketball group. As players from my collector's group started to be less punctual in the games, it turned into more of a high school tuneup event. The guys do have their game jerseys from a few years ago but as the group started to grow, we broached the idea of making new reversible jerseys for everyone. Due to my contacts, I initiated the move to design and source out our new game jerseys and after all the effort, batch 1 is now underway.

Though I admit, I'm still not proud of my Elementary/HS heritage, but nothing beats a good old green/black jersey design. I also would've preferred the earlier design I did due for sublimation printing, but we'll do that the next time around.

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