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Review: Converse Weapon Evo

1984, After the NBA Finals where the Celtics Beat the Lakers, Larry Bird finally got his revenge from then bitter rival Magic Johnson. Flashback 5 Years Earlier, Magic's Michigan State Spartans Defeated the then perfect Indiana State Sycamores. The 2 obviously did not like each other and were anointed as the most bitter of Rivals since day one. But somewhere along the way, something changed.

During The Taping of this Converse weapon commercial, the 2 finally got together at Larry's home. Bird, who refused to film the commercial anywhere but his hometown of French Lick, Indiana. Bird's Mom who was a Magic fan Invited him for a meal and that's when the 2 legendary rivals learned that they are more of the same. The intensity and dislike of the 2 heated rivals became mutual respect and eventually Friendship.


Fast forward 25 years Later, The Weapon, Now being one of the most Iconic shoes of the brand next to the chucks, Now being popular as a Lifestyle and Skateboading Shoe. The team at Converse has decided to do a modern version of the weapon, keeping the classic feel but upping the performance for today's game.



This is where the Weapon Evo stands out. It retains the classic spirit of the Weapon but on a whole new, better performing shoe. The Monochromatic combination of the Full Grain and patent leather Mixes it very well. The Small Kelly Green Color on the "Balls" area suggests it as Larry Bird's Colorway. Since the original Weapon Shoe of Bird was Black and White, due to the c's tradition back in the day.


Another Noticeable change on the shoe is the return of the Star Chevron logo which was replaced in the mid 90's by the Star logo embedded on a circle, the latter lasted from the Rodman era up to the Wade era. The Star Chevron's return brought more classic and genuine feel on the shoe.


Another thing that has it going for the retro feel is its simplicity, It screams a solid, streamlined basketball sneaker. Unlike recent kicks that may look like a spaceship, the weapon evo could double up as a casual shoe, and go well with your everyday wardrobe.

As for performance, Let's take a look;



Being made of full grain Leather, The Weapon Evo has a solid feel, but it also adds a little bit of weight to the shoe. No Problem though for forwards and centers. Another Problem with leather is a bit of heat sulking in during games. But these things are minor Compared to the decent support that the Balls technology gives.


Cushioning is great, I've played it for around 8 straight pickup games and there are no sign of blisters. The Balls technology makes it firm for the ankle area, not too hard and not too soft. The Polyurethane Spheres is responsible for this "Feel" Technology, meaning instead of being too soft and too light which takes you away from the court, it makes you have more of a grip or feel on the court.


Support/ Fit
The fit can be a bit snugly at first, but that disappears afterwards when you wear it, the ankle area has ample support with its Y bar and Plastic Frame in the area. No discomfort even after hauling down those rebounds.

So guys, if you want a solid basketball shoe that can spell old school and Perform up par with the modern sneakers, I suggest you cop up a pair of Converse Weapon Evo.

PS. The Shoe is Currently on sale, grab yours at leading department stores now!

Overall 9/10

In Comparison with it's predecessor.

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