Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yeng Appointed RP Team Coach (Toroman next?)


Yeng Guiao was appointed as the head coach for the 2009 Fiba Asia seniors national team. The announcement was made early this afternoon by commissioner Sonny Barrios.

The Jet Li lookalike coach come politician is known for bringing out the best in no name players, RP Hoops Fans cannot wait for his choices in the national squad.

Here's Hoping that the program and training can run smoothly and politicians from the other camp will shut up and leave the game alone forever.

On other stories, it seems like former Iran national team coach Rajko Toroman is most likely to be the coach of the developmental team that will compete for the 2011 Fiba Asia and hopefully the bad logo 2012 Olympics. With the current issues regarding the coaching staff of the youth team, it is better to have a foreigner who will handle the team. And please BCAP, for once shut up.

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watchmen said...

Why is there tooooo mucchhhh POLITICS in here (philippines) and even in sports, Its bringing us down. C'mon, Ma awa naman kayo sa bansa natin.
Foreign coaches like TOROMAN would not only bring new ideas in sport but also new look in our oldschool of basketball.
instead of bickerings, why not on working together !!!
Go Coach Toroman, Go Pilipinas
Asia Here We Come